SF Chronicle: Getting back to the paper chase

In case you missed it (probably not likely, seeing it's on Lifehacker), there's an article on paper-based productivity and the Hipster PDA focussing on our good friend Merlin Mann:

Getting organized is a perennial New Year's resolution. This year, to help make it happen, a growing number of people, even some of the geekiest, are relinquishing their PDAs and reverting to that ancient tool: paper.

It's cool. It's nervy. It's as self-consciously retro as a slide-rule. Indeed, figuring out that you no longer need something like a Palm, or that you need it for only certain things, can be the first step to becoming organized, particularly for lists. Write it down on paper. Do it. Cross it off.


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Which reminds me, I did find my father's 1940's sliderule the other day. Must find a good resource on how to actually use it....


Increasing Efficiency by de-teching

I have been finding that I have been spending too much time recovering from crashes and trying to get a sync to go through and not enough doing the very things that the technology is supposed to facilitate.

Paper...It's crashproof.

Analog computers rule...

My Breitling has an inbuilt slide rule and it's far better than any Casio calculator watch ;)