One more try

This is the third try at getting this request into forums.

I have inherited a document-less SBS2003 based network.
Other than the Machine Profile template; Has anyone out there
done any other Net Administration templates?


WBF 8)

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Suggest some

...and other, more artistic, folks can create them.
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Machine log template

You may have been referring to this as well as the machine profile template, but there is a machine log template. I think these would be very useful to keep either next to the machines or in a file, and will make it obvious when a particular machine is having persistent troubles.

Aside from that, I've not seen any other IT based templates. When I was working as an IT tech, we used an electronic help desk based system, and I don't think suggesting we moved to a paper based system would have gone down well with management. One thing that would come in useful though would be to create your own network maps containing whatever information you find useful (ip addresses, connections, computer locations, names etc.). Of course, this would be specific to your network and isn't really something that could be covered by a template.

As for non-IT specific based templates you could use, I'm sure there are plenty of things you could use the checklists for, a list of software to install on individual computers, procedures for rebuilding PCs etc.

What other IT based templates do you think you would find useful?