Printing tonight...!!!

Well, after one botched print, I plan to reprint my Harvard replacement tonight. If that goes well, I'll have it cut tomorrow, and start punching, bit by bit. I've got some other things to get done, but I can't wait to see this ALIVE!


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Finishing the printing...

Pages almost done. Getting to the middle where things start to meet, I was worried. Pagination looked a bit off. But, whew, it's ok. Just a few pages left. The first print pulled two early on and skewed everything. Now, it's done!!!

All there is to do is take it to the print shop at work tomorrow for cutting. Then comes the punch-a-thon! Luckily, it's not just the portable punch this time.

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You've been working a long time to get this just right for your planning style. I'd love to see pictures of your finished set-up when you get it all together.

You're not alone

I think there's a bunch of us wanting to see pics of the outcome. :-)



It'll probably next week before I get any pics done. I'm preaching on Sunday, so I have all the preps to complete, but they are in progress. DW's also gone Sunday afternoon to a women's event at church, so I won't have too much punching time then (hard to punch when you're herding cats ;-))

But I will let all know when I can get something up. After I punch the paper, I'll have to find a viable pocket from an old Harvard, remove and try to punch. I don't know how that one will work. Also, I still don't have a page finder nor have I picked up a page cornerer. So, there's still some work to do, but the biggest hurdles are done!

Thanks for all the encouragement and help along the way.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life


Well, lunch took me home where I took my recently cut printing. While heating up my eats, I punched and punched. After eating, I assembled on my medium-esque Rollabind discs. Brought it back with me and added the Levenger clear cover. Voila! It's done, except for some finishing touches.

Still to do:
1) Add cover pic/photo
2) Get corner cutter
3) Page finder?
4) Cut out, punch and add a little sleeve to the back.

Maybe preliminary pics tonight.

UPDATE: Finished #4 above. Probably no pics tonight - too much other stuff to do.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

I just dl your templates

and will be looking at your other posts to see how to print.

A masterful job! Thanks for sharing.


The way I printed was with the HP driver I have. It does bookletizing on the fly. Like clipbook does. If you want a classic sized one, and your printer doesn't auto booklet, you can probably find a demo of clipbook. If a mac, someone else speak up?

Let me know how you like them. I think the one's that are up don't have the week number. I've redone mine to have the week number. If you'd like that, I'm going to re-upload sometime.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life


CocoaBooklet is a free PDF service for Mac OS X. It's what I use. It will do either 2-up or 4-up booklets (4 pages or 8 pages, both sides). It can take A4 or US Letter-sized pages, and output them to A5 or half-letter or 1/4 sized (reducing), even, or you can use an A5 or half-letter page, and get full-sized output. It's quite flexible, but you may need to experiment with the options to understand how it works. You can find it here:



One problem with CocoaBooklet

Can you get it to add a blank page at the beginning ?
If I try the Two-Page-Month, the pages are messed up.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


It's always added the blank page 1 at the beginning for me... Or rather, the first page is a right-handed page, which is as it ought to be. In fact, I've discovered this frustratingly enough, when I've tried to convert two pages to a two-up format. I get the first page on the right page of a two-page spread, and the second on the left, fo the second two-page spread.

Are you talking about your own software? In that case, you _don't_ want a "blank" page on the left... hm... Nope. I just checked the prefs... no go. In that case, you would want to print normal (without CocoaBooklet) and use PDFLab to add in the blank pages, I guess (since you can't, I don't think, remove a page)


With mine?

Is that in general, or with my contributed template? Curious.

The HP driver for my C4150(?) has the option to build booklets on the fly, with right or left edge binding. It'll leave the left hand (back) page blank if the pages to print aren't even or count high enough to fill the print pages. This is the way I print my SS and Sermon notes weekly. I create them in OOo, print via a booklet, cut and punch!

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I may be splitting hairs...

between "Booklet Printing" and "N-Up Printing"

I want to do N-Up Printing.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


So, you mean by "N-UP" kinda like what pocket mod does? Folded and cut?

The booklet will do 2-UP on two sides and auto paginate for you. So, you don't have to precisely arrange the individual pages of pdfs into one big one. Just run them straight up and you have it. Quick and dirty that way.

But I'm figuring that, with an in order, exploded pdf via pdfsam or multivalent, the re-assembly with numbered and ordered pages could be scripted. I just haven't tried to do the logic.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

N-Up != PocketMod

PocketMod is booklet printing
N-up is simpler printing n sheet images on one sheet - like putting two classic pages on one letter size page.

Your observation about a script is on target. I, like you, just have not yet worked it out. A non-Mac question: Can a PC run a shell script written in C-Shell or Bourne-Shell or Bash ? Otherwise, I need a PC-Weenie's help on this.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


with cygwin or similar tool.

how about a ubiquitous lang like perl? for systems without a perl interpreter installed (win), you can compile a perl script into an executable, if appropriate.

if you want to talk more on this, feel free to msg me.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

folded booklet?

But do you want to fold these N-ups into a booklet and/or cut for smurfing? or do you just want the ability to print multipe pages N-up? Typically, one does a mult-up for printing on both sides to create a booklet.

A normal booklet starts on a right-hand page--odd numbered page. Your layouts need to start on a left-hand page--even numbered page. Maybe you could add an option to your program to print a blank page for booklet making--page 1--the first right-handed page blank. You can hack this with printing to a pdf, using PDFLab to add a blank first, and then running CocoaBooklet on the resulting file, but if you could add a blank page option, that would simplify it.

For the record, CocoaBooklet can do 2-up or 4-up booklets.