DIYPlanner's War on Spam

Editor's Note from innowen: For those of you interested in switching over to the notaspammer account, you NEED to tell us via email. Also, if you've lost posts to the spam filter, let us KNOW right away (as in the day you post it) and if you can, the URL that got eaten, so we can look it up and immediately unlock it. The longer you wait, the harder it is to locate that needle in the haystack. We have dayjobs and are fairly busy, so if you can help us troubleshoot your issues when you have them, the faster we can help make your stay here on the forums happier.

Well, that's overly dramatic, and not at all accurate. It's more like a series of bloody skirmishes involving long-distance projectiles, inadequate armor, and a few raving lunatics wandering among the battlefields looking for adders to bite them. (I'll leave that metaphor there, just for the historians among us.)

Some people are noting that our defenses are poor and that sleazy operators (many of whom actually take the time to become members) are spam-bombing our forums and comment threads from time to time. Other members are complaining that our barricades are a little too strong, and that legitimate posts keep getting caught up in our filters. Both opinions, though completely opposite, are essentially correct. Unfortunately, that's the problem with most well-visited sites (and many which aren't).

So, we have at least a partial solution for you.

We have created a new role called "notaspammer". If you are getting caught regularly in the spam traps you can message one of the admin team to set you as notaspammer. Theoretically, this means your messages will always be directly posted and never be trapped by the filter. We only have two guidelines:

  1. You must have had at least one posting caught as spam; and
  2. You must have been a member for a minimum of one month.

The first guideline is because many people can be caught frequently because of an unlucky IP range, and the second is to prevent typical drive-by member spammers from applying.

So, if you're frustrated with your posts getting caught, please use the contact forms for myself, Innowen or Ygor, and let us know you want to be marked as notaspammer. Or you can just click on either of our names atop our posts and choose the Contact tab. Within 24 hours, you should be silently marked as a non-spammer.

In the meantime, if you have had a particularly insightful or valuable posting caught, you must let one of us know right away if you want it retrieved or moderated. Be sure to copy the node number (or address) of the post when it tells you that it's being held. We have a tremendous amount of spam hidden from regular visitors behind the scenes, and it takes us up to a half-hour of wading through viagra, cialis, breast enlargements and instant mortgages just to find a single post among them.

Thanks, folks, and we do appreciate your patience during this latest round.

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Thanks for the hard work

To all ya'll. Spam's a nasty problem. May it disappear from the world!

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

I saw one

I saw one the other saw for an instant breast mortgage enlargement through viagra. Freaky.

Good on ya, that was getting to be a pain:)

Steve Sharam


this is a great idea! i hope it helps and i hope it lets you get serious weapons in this (metaphoric) war.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Thank you

I just wanted to say thanks for this, it seems like a good solution for those of us who are getting a lot of posts marked as spam. As for posts getting through, thankfully, these seem to be few.


First, I'd like to echo all the above thanks.

Second, I don't know how these things work, but here's a suggestion.

You must have been a member for a minimum of one month ... to prevent typical drive-by member spammers from applying.

Perhaps an additional safeguard should be that you must already have some minimum number of legitimate posts, even just one or two. Spammers probably don't contribute much besides spam. A quick track of a user's comments would be confirmation.

Make sense? Would that be too time-consuming to confirm?

I think it IS a great idea

I think it IS a great idea but very time consuming. I can only speak for myself but I have VERY limited on board time and most of it is not spent reading posts. instead it's spent cleaning spam and unlocking member posts.

But here's hoping the notaspammer accounts work and do what they're supposed to.

But presumably, the more

But presumably, the more members marked notaspammer, the less time you'd have to spend unlocking member posts. Plus, you wouldn't have to do more than glance at a post to see that it's not spam. (Just pushing my own idea . . . :) )

i am hoping that'll be true.

i am hoping that'll be true. chasing spam isn't how i wanna spend 30 minutes of my online life.

in the end tho, it's all up to doug. :) it's his domain.



I agree with notebklover. Further, if there are users who have been here a while you can always take the preemptive step of marking them as notaspammer.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Can someone please look for my post of a couple of minutes ago?

It was in the "Book Light" thread in General Discussions. I did not remember in time that I was supposed to note what the rejection number was or whatever it's called, and apparently you can't go 'back' to get it. Sorry.

Probably it got marked because I gave a link to a specific type of book light in response to the OP's request. :(

Also, please mark me as not a spammer. I've been here for years, you should know I"m safe.

Got them !!

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

My hero!

Thank you!

Sorry to be an impatient

Sorry to be an impatient pain in the butt, but can I please be marked as not a spammer? :) I spent a good hour last Saturday taking pictures and editing them for the web to illustrate a post I made here, and of course my links got my post rejected and sent into the Blackhole of Spam.

I'm not a spammer, you can call and ask my mom if you want... :)

(who has been here 5 weeks and 5 days, which should be long enough)

41 weeks

If it makes you feel any better, I still get flagged as a spammer and I've been here for 41 weeks and 6 days :)

had you said something

had you said something sooner... it'd have been taken care of sooner. welcome to notaspamer.


can i please be added to notaspamer?

I also would like to be in the club. I don't have any pictures to share yet but maybe some day.

done, but...

please do not abuse the privilege. It can be un-done.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Re Spam posts--What's their point?

I've been wondering what the point is of those spam posts that have been showing up recently. They don't have any links, snd they don't generally mention any specific brand of product, so they wouldn't be able to sell anything. They're just gibberish, random words. What are they trying to accomplish? Surely they're wasting their own time. Aren't they? Or is there something I'm missing?

They are typically very sneaky

If you try clicking on their user name, typically--and I don't know how they do it--you get redirected to their web page. Ask me how I know. ;-) I don't know if it's a Drupal bug or what--I wonder, though, as I long ago stopped even looking at them, if that trick still works.


How do i find the node where it is?

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Now, how do I find the node where my post should be? And is hopefully being held as spam?
Is that the topic number?
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...