Levenger Shipping... New LOWER Rates!!! Where is Ryan

Hello people!!!

The default shipping is now FEDEX at NO extra cost and there IS an option to save $2 by going with the old and much hated smart post. woot. This effectively lowers shipping prices by $2. What is more for orders over $200 it is now 9% percent for the evil smart post and 10% for fed ex instead of 11%.

I realize this is still not perfect but it is something. The shipping for gift cards is still the (completely ridiculous) $4. However if you order something that costs say $10 you can now have it shipped for the more reasonable price of $3 instead of the crazy price of $5.

I placed an order a week ago and this was NOT the case so I figure this is very new news indeed.

Now where is Ryan? Did our virtual riot bring this about?

I will order my slim wallet writer after all.

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What am I missing?

I don't see where the FedEx option costs any less than it ever did. It looks to me like they just preselected the FedEx Ground button rather than the SmartPost button on the order form. And remember, this is FedEx GROUND, 7-10 days. Where I live that's about the same time as SmartPost takes. Both are ridiculously slow.

I thought that maybe if shipping was really cheaper, I'd order the green junior zip folio I've been coveting. But $17 for 7-10 DAYS to have it delivered by FedEx Ground, or 2 bucks cheaper to come by SmartPost is not something I'm willing to do. Too slow, and too expensive for such a small parcel.

Bottom line? This isn't an improvement and I'm STILL finished with Levenger!

"I don't see where the FedEx

"I don't see where the FedEx option costs any less than it ever did."

Amount of Order USPS/SmartPost FedEx Ground
up to $14.99-----$3.00----------$5.00
$15 - $24.99-----$5.00----------$7.00
$25 - $49.99-----$7.00----------$9.00
$50 - $74.99-----$9.00---------$11.00
$75 - $99.99-----$12.00--------$14.00
$100 - $149.99--$15.00---------$17.00
$150 - $199.99--$18.00---------$20.00

the fed ex option costs $2 less.

plus from the rates the junior zipfolio would ship for $12 or $14 but not $17, how did you com about that number.

anyway it is good to be done with a retailer who makes you unhappy.

It's over $100

...which puts it in the $17 range for FedEx Ground. And I don't think knocking $2 off something that is more than double everyone else's shipping makes it a deal. Sorry.

sorry i thought the zipfolio

sorry i thought the zipfolio was
Circa Zip Folio, Junior
Price: $49.95 - $98

$98. which is $12 base shipping. not that i have ever seen fedex take the 7 days you mentioned. i live in NYC and they usually arrive within 3-4 days where as smartpost will try everything to make sure they do not deliver one minute before those 10-14 days. so it is, for a big difference, even if both methods are ground. but that is only my experience.

i am thinking of the wrong item, clearly because this one is $98, not $100+; so its hard to see your point, however even with the lower rates levenger's shipping is still on the high end.

that said they do offer regular customers coupons on a fairly regular clip that i found offsets the shipping. Places that have super low price shipping like Adagio and Amazon, rarely if ever offer coupons to regular customers. Plus, as someone else mentioned they do take care to make sure that the item gets to you looking brand new, amazon takes no such care. most of the time, they come in the right number of pieces but that is more luck than care. with the new lower rates, i can have my shipping costs be offset without having to buy exactly 90-100$ of stuff each time. so i guess thats why i was excited. to me at least this feels like a good start and like they are listening.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

On that we can agree

I can certainly agree that any sign of progress is a good sign. If I was just starting out ordering things I'd feel more positive about it. But since I already have both punches, a yummy leather folio, and a bunch of about to expire calendars (read that covers and disks), I'm set for the foreseeable future and can therefore be more discriminating. Please forgive me for raining on your parade. Whatever regrets you may later have about shipping charges, you WON'T regret the products!

Mary Ann

Shipping costs = extras?

I do not know this, it's just speculation on my part, but it seems to me that the extra shipping ("and handling") might go to pay (at least partly) for those lovely boxes and the flannel wraps. Imo, those boxes and wraps go a long way to keeping the product looking nice so that when we receive it, it looks like the quality it is. Again, this is just me musing on this. I have no inside information.

It would be easy to say "I'd rather pay less for shipping and not have the box and wrap" yet if you received one of their beautiful leather products all banged up, you'd want it replaced in a heartbeat. I'm not crazy about their shipping costs, either, and I really hated SmartPost shipping, but with FedEx and the quality packaging, I can deal. (Which is not to say I wouldn't be first in line with the huzzahs if they did lower their shipping prices.)

What to do with those lovely Levenger flannel wraps

I really like the flannel wraps in the shipping but hate the thought of tossing them after I open my long-awaited package. Here's what I've done with them so far. Any other ideas?
pack jewelry when traveling
shoe wipe
handy dust cloth in the car
computer screen wipe
cup up and put under plant pots to prevent scratching on furniture

previous idea

I love the idea of making a patchwork quilt out of them :D

a book maker could even wrap the cover boards for a new project with it.

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gotta keep it pristine!

I am trying to keep mine clean, so use it for wiping my Newton screen (and sometimes my Palm), but mostly for cleaning the scroll ball on my Mighty Mouse. Oh, and it's wrapped around, or covering my Newton when it's not in use.

I shall remember the jewerly idea for when we travel next--protecting valuables in transit is a good idea. :-)


Virtual riotgear

Now where is Ryan? Did our virtual riot bring this about?


This entire community has a finger on the pulse of our company. As actual customers, your comments carry a great deal of weight.

The opportunity to work with everyone in such a public, and consequently honest [and necessarily transparent], forum is incredibly valuable.

Thank you,

Well said!!! and much

Well said!!!

and much thanks!!

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Thank you!

You know, Ryan, I'll be completely honest -- you're one of the main reasons I'm a return customer, and you're definitely the reason I evangelize to my friends. Yes, the products are great (mostly), but the fact that Levenger is so willing to listen to its customer base, and has someone -- you -- on-staff to facilitate that discussion, just amazes me and makes me proud to do business with the company. I wish every business had a guy like you on board.

Thanks so much. I appreciate you greatly, and now that I think about it I really ought to email the brass and tell them how much you rock.

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totally agree

Ryan is the main reason I took my first plunge into the world of Levenger... and the reason I continue to shop via their online store. Soon I hope to make it down to Chi-town and meet him in person. I wonder how much I should have in my "spending" fund before I take that venture... heheh.

Three cheers for Capt'n Levenger! <3

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yep yep!

Hip Hip Hooray, I say!!

I keep meaning to go the boston store, but a part of me is afraid. Afraid of what might happen with me, in a Levenger store and lots o' cash.


Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.