Opening a new Moleskine?

The new Moleskine that I ordered off came today, and I was wondering, is there a certain way that one opens a Moleskine to insure that the binding doesn't get screwed up? Such as the way you're supposed to open a new hardback book?

This is only my second Moleskine, so...

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No to be flip, but how is one supposed to open a hardback book? I use the classic "open the front cover" approach, but perhaps I'm missing something. :-)

Depending on the binding technique, some books are able to lie flat and some are not (requiring an unpleasant cracked spine to do so.) I would assume that Moleskines fall in the latter camp, since they are essentially a single signature of pages sewn or stapled together, yes?


Well, yes, but that's not really what I meant.

There's a way to open a new book by going through and pushing down the pages into the spine--or at least, that's the best way I can explain it.

I guess I didn't word my question quite right.

Ask a stupid questions, get a stupid answer, I suppose.

Unlimited amounts

I have an endless supply of stupid answers. :-)

I'm sure you could crease the pages of the book to encourage them to lie flatter when opened. Alternately if this is one of the larger books you could use a page weight (Levenger sells them, as do other places) or just a low-budget binder clip to clamp on the edge of the pages.

Use on Hard Bound books too?

I never knew you could do that on hardbound books. I've done it many times on books with flexible leather covers (e.g., a new Bible). It really does help a book last longer without the binding getting skewed.

As to Moleskine. I've always folded mine clear back on themselves like spiral bound notebook and never had any problem. Of course I use the reporter style notebook (top bound)...maybe that makes a difference.

Flat with no modification

I use the large moleskine notebooks, and they lay flat for me with no special action or modification -- well, after I get past the first few pages.

New book opening

I've used this method before: New book down on a table, resting on it's spine. Left hand on front cover, right hand on back cover. Open both front and back cover and press them to the table while keeping the book's pages upright. With the left hand grasp about the first 10 pages of the book, with the right hand grasp the last 10 pages of the book and press those pages down to the table, pressing and smoothing the paper along the spine where paper attaches to binding. Repeat the process until your hands converge in the middle, then give yourself brief applause, you've just broken in your book and won't crack the back when you open it normally from then on.

Actually, Moleskine are

Actually, Moleskine are perfect-bound with multiple signatures (except the cahiers, which are a single signature). They open flat out of the wrapper.