Creating Gifts from our Obsessions

With the gift-giving season approaching I thought it might be fun to consider what kind of gifts we could make using our planning, journalling and pen-collecting obsessions.

Here are my suggestions for making something extra special out of a Moleskine Japanese Pocket Notebook (or something folded like one of these notebooks)

- create a family tree journal for a special relative by recording your family tree across the top half of the unfolded notebook. Then add photos, anecdotes or your own artwork about the people recorded on that fold

- collect favourite 'secret' recipes from friends and family and write one on each page

- find out the vacation itinerary for a friend or family member and record it (in pencil perhaps) across the top of the pages. Put a note "insert memories of vacation here" below the first entry

- create a fold out calendar in the moleskine using fobsster or hipster pages and glue.

So, anyone got any other gift ideas?


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Forget those slobs

This year I'm giving out handwritten notes that say "Buy me a new pen" 8-P

For the craftily-inclined, I'd say a homemade book is always a nice idea. I don't know if a Rollbound book would have quite the emotional oomph, unless the recipient is also an obsessive freak like us (in which case, they're already here [waves hello].)

For mother's day this past year, my DW received a blank journal from me and the kids, and I occasionally take it down from the shelf and write something into it: something amusing the kids did, or notes on our vacation, or something else significant that she can look back onto. Advantages include having an excuse to both buy a nice journal and write in it. :-) Similar gifts include filling a small notebook with a story written/narrated by a grandchild, with pages set aside for illustrations. I've done this project in various forms over the years, and all involved have enjoyed it very much.

For the single or childless, perhaps a hand-assembled correspondence set for a distant friend or relative (nice pen, paper and envelopes, postage stamps.) This would depend on the friend/relative's tastes, of course, and again may require that they already be slightly obsessed.


This year I'm giving out handwritten notes that say "Buy me a new pen" 8-P

Well, that is one way to get the gift you want. ;-)

I like the correspondence set idea. Very practical

Circa Art Books


I will give each set of grandparents a rolla/circa bound book of my kids' art from this year. I have about a ream of construction paper art between the two of them, and I've been almost keeping up all year punching and binding the stuff.

I'll make the grandparents leaf through it and pick out the art they want, make some nice plastic covers, and we'll label the books with the year and which kid's art is in which book.

So that'll be six books--two kids and three sets of grandparents.



I'm sure they'll love the books. They'll be irreplacable