Circa in the Family

Funny story from home this morning. In my travails building my own planner, I had a set of prints that were garbage. I was going to dump them in recycling at work yesterday, but my DW mentioned that I might give them to the kids, who love paper.

So, this morning, as I'm shoving everything in my bag, I remember that I had them. So, I pulled them out, and DW says give them to the oldest. To her they went, and she quickly started dividing them up for the other two. She was asking some questions and I explained what I was doing and showed her my now bound 2008 planner. She asks if she can have hers circified. Before I had left, she had already cut hers. So, who knows, maybe tonight my sever-year-old will have her first circa notebook!

Circifying the whole family!


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Maybe you should call it...

... Family Circa?



Still some left

I would still have three more little ones to convert. Time will tell...

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"Mommy! Jeffy smurfed Barfy again!"

Trying to pull DH back to analog

Awesome story, Jason. I am trying to Circa-fy my DH. I was responsible for getting him to a PDA and he has an unhappy relationship with it, not being patient with technology. I am slowly trying to move him back. It will lighten my technical support load at home..tee hee! I moved back about two months ago and have never been happier.

"To fly, we must have resistance."

DW and Circa

I'm the techie at home, solving the problems. But, some way, DW runs without a planner/organizer of any sorts. The fridge serves as a tickler, but nothing beyond that besides the wall calendar. I built her a circa planner, but she's never gotten into it. In fact, she's had several, but never stuck with any of them. I've given her a standing offer to build her a custom planner when she wants, but she's, as of right now, uncommitted.

All that to say props to her. I couldn't handle everything she does without one. Four children and all that they entail. Primary homeschooler for them. Homeschool Co-Op. Baking all our bread. The list moves on and on.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

Going planner-less

My husband doesn't have a planner or anything. He misses appointments and to-do items because of it, too. Drives me up the wall, but he won't even look for a solution. Grrr.

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Can I take you up on that

Can I take you up on that offer for custom pages? I'm a homeschooling mom of four and I would love some pages for lesson planning/assignment planning and such. I just don't have time to really figure out how to work the OOo Draw program!


There is a Teacher's Lesson Planner template in the template directory - not sure if that is what you are looking for. Just do a search (on the right of this screen) for Teacher's Lesson Planner and it should pop up!

nay nay

Re: Circa in the Family

I hooked my sister on Circa. She's a leftie that doesn't find the discs as obstructive as binder rings and she also loves the ease of removing sheets to write on when the discs do get in her way. The ease of manuvering fold over circa books improved her notetaking because she's no longer wrestling with binders on tiny desks.

It's Spreading!

Now, it's not just the 7 yo eldest, but the 5 yo too. The eldest has made a cover as well, coloring two images on an 8.5X11 sheet in horizontal to be cut and laminated for cover.

We'll see about this 'minor' project!

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

Hm, youngest?


I made hipster flipbooks for my kids with Rolla discs (the smallest ones). I have to supervise them, because the discs are a choking hazard for my two-year-olds, but they were busily sticking stickers on the index cards, coloring them with pens and markers and crayons, taking them apart and putting them back together..

I just punched up some index cards I had lying around and made up some plastic covers from scraps also around. Discs from my stash--pink for my daughter and pastel blue for my son. They loved them.

Also made a ..whaddayacallit? The letter sized thing folded into 1/8 booklets? Agh, can't remember. Anyway, one for each. Put some words and shapes through the color printer and folded it up. They love those things, and when one gets lost it's easy to print up another. Not a walleteer, those are business card sized.. Dangit! Ah, pocketmod. That's it. Had to look it up in my dang downloads. Grr.

Anyway, a pair of two year olds love their Rolla notebooks and their pocketmods. They like playing with the discs just in their tackle boxes and a couple of bowls, too. My son calls them earrings because they look like Mr. PotatoHead's pirate and mermaid earrings.


Fun Circa "conversion" tales

Love these stories! Can I share mine?

We don't have kids, but I've got my wife using Circa for all kinds of things -- lists, notes, tracking her knitting needles, and favorite pages from the "Stitch n Bitch" page-a-day knitting calendar. She asks me to do the punching, though, because she's afraid of going "all the way" -- using is enough for her, not making! But the day she asked me for her very own Circa PDA was one of the happiest of my married life... :-D

My mom recently came to visit and she was telling me how much trouble she's been having tracking clients and schedules for her house-sitting business. Well, an evil grin spread over my face and I took her upstairs to show her my completely Circa/Rolla-ified business files. She was hooked, and I gave her an extra Circa PDA to get her started. For her birthday I bought her a Junior starter kit, portable punch, and a bunch of refills.

Work-related Circa-vangelism: On a site visit to one of my clients, one of the staffers asked me about my Jotz notebook and I gave her the details. On my next trip, she had one of the Target notebooks. On my latest trip, I saw a friend of hers with a Junior Circa Agenda.

Just call me Johnny Rollaseed... :-D