One of the biggest disadvantages of analog...

is that usually it is not waterproof.

Thanks to my foolish attempt of smuggling a cup of tea inside my purse (I know, I know...), my paper planner is soaked wet, and many of my notes and appointments are now a blurry mess of black, blue and crimson. I was already planning to make a new planner, but this is still kind of painful. *sob*

One thing that this experience has taught me (other than 'lids are not hermetically sealed') is that the Uniball Signo pens are the most wonderful invention of mankind. Everything I jotted down using on of those pens remained intact even after the tea experience.

Well, if I had had a PDA or something like that in my purse at that time it would have been even more painful.

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Well, sounds like an important Lesson Learned, there. :-) Perhaps a switch to a more permanent ink is in order. That, or not trying to smuggle beverages in your handbag...

Perhaps your next planner should come from ;-) (Not linkified to avoid spam filtration.)

That sounds pretty sweet

Waterproof paper! Very neat. I could take my planner canoing and brag about it.

I love riteintherain

and use them with pencil for all field notes when conducting research. I trust absolutely nothing else but that combination. I've had too many notes damaged and had to reconstruct site work from memory and it's not pretty. Working outside in the rain? Not a problem. The only thing that bugs me about them is the super stiff plastic binding. But that's what makes it waterproof so there's not much to do about that. And it does loosen up a tiny bit with lots of use and deliberate spine bending.

My condolences...

That's always been my fear with an analog planner, no backup and if it's lost or damaged, I'm sunk. That's why I went the PDA route 6 years ago, so that it would be more portable and would be backed up to my home computer in case anything happened to the PDA. So, if you did have a PDA, you would be able to restore almost everything to a replacement. But, that's neither here nor there. :-) I'm using a hybrid system now.

There are waterproof fountain pen inks (Noodler's primarily), if that kind of pen is what you're using. Rite in the Rain paper is waterproof, but is compatible with pencil and certain kinds of ink. Definitely not fountain pen ink! :-O I think Fisher Space Pens are OK with it.

Oh well, think of it as starting clean! :-)


The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
B. Banzai?

I have no choice now but to

I have no choice now but to procrastinate by making new templates for the new planner to replace my poor wet one ;)

OK, what about the Tea?


Now you have to tell us why you were smuggling a cup of tea. I have this vision of a teacup with saucer, spoon, sugar lumps, etc. inside your purse. This canNOT be what actually happened.

So you had a cup of iced tea from a restaurant, with a lid and a straw, right? And you were headed into the movies and they have this prohibition about outside food and drink..

Or was it hot tea in a thermal cup with a lid (like people use for coffee in the car) and you wanted it in the dressing room while you tried on the clothes at the snooty store..

What kind of tea? Hot, cold, herbal...:)


Is it that obvious?

Yeah, shris, you guessed it almost right.

It was hot tea in a thermal cup with a lid. Hot apple cinnamon tea. Yummy. I could not finish it before the movie started, so I decided to smuggle it inside. It was really good tea, and would have been a pity to waste it. And I had not slept much and was not thinking straight. Because seriously, I should have known. I did not notice the tea had been spilled until I got back home. I think not much liquid spilled, but it all targeted my poor beloved planner.

Oh well, I had been toying with the idea to switching to a slightly larger planner (mine is 1/8 of a letter sheet), so now might be the chance.

Just as a side note, this is the result for the tea score for different pens (or what I can recognize based on their colors):
* Uniball Signo (black, light blue and purple) - I can't believe this gel pen did not get blotchy after soaked!
* Pilot V-5 (blue) - oh my, blue everywhere
* Pilot G2 (crimson) - has my planner been attacked by an axe murderer?
* Uniball Vision (purple) - it is waterproof, it says so in the pen itself, and my soaked planner confirms it.

america is so anti tea

america is so anti-tea (i assume you are in america so i can do my pro-tea thing). :( if they had good tea at the movies for a good price that would of never happened. :(

anyway, i am sorry for your loss an hope you are able to save the most important parts.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Anti-price, not anti-tea


Even if America were pro-tea, you would not find it for a good price at a movie theatre. Considering a bucket of popcorn is $5 or more and sodas are the same, the tea would be sky high in the theatre. And never mind the apple cinnamon part. :) You'd get plain black tea made from an instant powder. Bleh.

The fact that she was carrying around tea means she got it from somewhere, so you can occasionally find tea now--Starbucks and other boutique drink places often carry different varieties. Of course, compared to what you get in the UK, it might not be 'good' tea..


Ends up on the floor

a bucket of popcorn is $5 or more

Maybe British movie audiences are different but pretty much all popcorn from those buckets ends up on the theatre floor. Better not to eat the stuff --- except the plain unsalted non-sugared non-toffee kind, which you can eat all day everyday --- but paying $5 for something you are simply going to throw straight on the floor appears economic madness. And for the soda well how many table-spoonfulls of sugar do they contain.

As to English tea that's the only good thing to come out of Yorkshire.

digitial isn't really waterproof either

Unless PDA in a zip lock bag, or some ruggedized/waterproof electronics.


True. I am so glad I did not

True. I am so glad I did not have my cell phone in my bag.

I lost 2 steno notebooks written in regular ink...

They were NOT in my Levenger thing that you use for carrying files and papers around outdoors.

Last year I fell into a truck-sized mud puddle in the middle of the night on a tropical island. Before dinner, there was no puddle; after dinner, me and my armful of books, papers, PDAs, flash drives, etc. were waist-deep in muddy water. It was raining grapefruit and mangoes; there was a flash flood; it was pitch black.

The next morning there was no puddle. I saw that I had NOT gathered up everything after my fall. I had only mud-marinated streaky pages to show my client. It was a disaster.

Now I use only gel permanent ink (Pilot G2 05), no matter what. You never know when you might fall into a really big puddle or suddenly need to smuggle tea.

I am still traumatized. And my client now uses only gel permanent ink so I guess he was too.

That had to hurt!!-----I

That had to hurt!!

In more ways than one.

I am a notebook junkie.

Ouch, I can only imagine how

Ouch, I can only imagine how painful that was.

now THAT's a job

What I want to know is what kind of work you do that lets you meet with clients on a tropical island. Nice! (The last clients I met with were in an office building off the New Jersey Turnpike...)

Look for clients already on tropical islands

...but be prepared for a slew of problems you never encountered before and that no one before you was able to solve :)

Meanwhile, finding out there is suddenly no hot water. You're out of natural gas tanks and __________ (whatever you desperately need) till the boat comes on Friday. Next Friday.

Under certain circumstances, the NJ Turnpike scenario looks pretty inviting.

It's worth it, though. Just painful. All sympathy is much appreciated.

My deepest sympathies to all

My deepest sympathies to all who have had their planners dunked in one way or another! A couple weeks ago I accidentally knocked my hPDA into a sink and quickly discovered that rollerball ink is NOT permanent. Probably common knowledge to everyone else here, but a real revelation to me! :-(

Calendar, to-do and shopping list, contacts -- I had to recreate them all from memory or other sources. From then on, anything that goes into my hipster that's permanent is written with ballpoint. I'll have to look into the permanent gel pens and waterproof paper too as recommended here.

Any problems printing on Rite in the Rain paper using a laser jet printer?


I forget what I used to use

I remember it was Uniball, but pre-puddle I was more concerned with extra-fine points, not waterproof-ness. I lost several months worth of a journal in the original Pilot pen, many years ago, when it took a bath. But time passed and I didn't take it the danger that seriously anymore. And, I was under the illusion that that particular Uniball as water resistant, or something comforting enough.

The things I fished out of the water that night were ok; they were underwater only the 5 minutes it took to find them. (I saved the electronics first.) I dried everything out ASAP when I got back to my cottage. I could recover or recreate everything except the books that had been left behind.

Re PDAs, for this gig I deliberately got an old one, an Handspring Visor Edge. It dried out just fine, and this one incident repaid all the time and effort it took to find and buy a gently-used Edge. Ditto a 1st generation iPod Shuffle. It played within minutes of being dried out.

The early versions of electronics tend to be sturdier. I guess they're designed by engineers or people who assume the thing is supposed to be well made and last, not just marketed. Today Palms, etc are way too finicky for many environments. In the olden days, if you spilled water on your keyboard, you could take it apart, dry it with a hair dryer, and put it back together good as new. So if I'm not in an urban environment, I carry antiques.

FWIW, for future islanders and serial tea-smugglers.

iguana attack!

This is an experience that is too weird to not share. My wife and I were visiting some friends last night, watching TV shows on their iMac. We were all fans of the show "Monk" and were watching that and eating pizza. Well, their pet 15 pound iguana jumped in my friend's lap to try to get his pizza. This surprised him and he dropped the Apple Remote. Unfortunately, he dropped it right above his Mt. Dew with strawberry syrup!

He rinsed off the Mt. Dew and let it dry for a bit and it still works fine! Apparently those things are sealed up tight enough that being in liquid for a few seconds didn't hurt it. I don't think it's an experiment any of us want to repeat.

In case anyone thinks I live in the tropics because of the iguana thing: I live in Columbus, Ohio. The friends we visited live about 2 hours North of here, in Wooster. We had frost on our car when we left to head back home. Not the kind of place you'd expect an iguana. Oh, apparently having two kids under 5 running around is bad for the electronics too, especially when they've had Halloween candy and have recently watched Superman!


some inks

I do "The Test" for all pens before I do artwork with them... I prefer liquid ink so rollerballs or gel pens are teh norm. Simply draw a line and then rub your finger over it. If it smears - I tend not to use it since I might ruin my work. Next test is to draw a line and then rub a dampened finger tip across it. Depending on if I'm planning on using watercolors or washes - I might skip this part.

Sounds like "The Test" might come in handy for paper planner peoples too :)

Also - just a note about Uniball. They have been advertising their pens as a solution to check fraud since the ink doesnt wash off easily. Even when they fraud folks use their solution including some kind of acid or bleach - it holds tight. There are other pen makers that could claim the same but I thought it was neat they were using it to gain ground on the market.

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