3x5 index cards in letter sheet

Five 3x5 index cards on one letter sized sheet. Different styles.

Paper size: 
Letter and A4
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Until a short time ago, I was printing 4up 3x5 index cards on letter sized paper, but then I discovered that if I placed the cards right, I could get more cards from a single sheet and thus, waste less paper.

There are three files:

  • blank cards
  • lined cards (horizontal)
  • lined cards (vertical)

The lined templates each come in four styles:

  • traditional (red upper line and blue lines, shown in thumbnail)
  • black
  • gray
  • light gray

There are templates for both the front and back of each card, and when I tested it on my printer (Epson Stylus CX4700), they came out perfectly, but on other printers you might have to tinker a bit. Just remember to select None on the scaling menu when you print from Acrobat Reader.

I also posted the OOo Draw file, so you can make changes if you need to.

Creative Commons
Applications required: 
PDF viewer (i.e. Adobe Reader) or OpenOffice.org Draw
3x5_cards_letter_template-blank.pdf355.94 KB
3x5_cards_letter_template-lined_h.pdf1.39 MB
3x5_cards_letter_template-lined_v.pdf1.4 MB
3x5_cards_letter_template.odg15.82 KB
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I would love a a4-version of this pleaze....

Old template needs fixing for letter size

Actually, it does appear to be A4, I cannot get it to print properly from PDF, and I am not sure how to manipulate the odg file to fix the margin problems. I was able to select letter from the options, but not all the cut lines fit inside the page. Changing margin settings doesn't seem to help.

It seems the solution is to drag the entire template a short distance to the right as is, not sure how to do that, I only managed to make the right side partially disappear, rather than make the left side appear entirely.

UPDATE: Oh well, I have given up in favor of an easier to handle 4 card template, maybe someone else can fix this template.


I opened the odg file in my LibreOffice on my Mac, and yes, the pages did default to A4 (I'm in Europe, so I don't know if that has an effect or not), but the templates did not align correctly on the page (too close to the right margin, and a huge gap at the bottom margin). When I reset the page size to Letter, the left-right margins looked balanced, and there was a much smaller bottom gap.

I will say, however, that the margins on these things are very small. I don't know if your printer offers it, but if you can print borderless, you may need to. Lots of printers, however, don't allow margins as small as this document demands (L & R margins 0.12"!!!) and that may be your actual problem. So, if your printer allows borderless printing, try choosing that option.

Brother HL-2170W

Thanks for your reply. I have a Brother HL-2170W. I cannot find any mention of borderless printing in the manual, so I guess it probably doesn't support it. :-(

In Word, when I set the margins to 0, it corrects itself to 0.17, so I guess that must be the smallest available. In LibreOffice (Windows), it doesn't even try to correct anything.

After doing some more research, it seems this lack of support might be common to most laser printers.

It is theoretically possible to tell it to print to a larger size so it will ignore the letter size limits, not sure that would work though.

laser printers

Unfortunately, laser printers have hard margins, due to how the toner is laid out on the drum. So it would seem that you are stuck with the 0.17 margin.

I would suggest going to Staples or Kinkos or some other place that can print things, and see if they can do that--on the other hand, if you will do that, would be easier to just buy the cards. ;-)

Yeah, I have been using the

Yeah, I have been using the actual cards for a long time, I was going for a different approach, to make the planner thinner by using plain paper. The 4 cards per page template will have to do for now.