Deal or no deal?

Earlier this evening, I happened upon this page.

As of this posting, at the top of the page above, there's an ad for Levenger's indicating a 15% discount on folios and notebooks. Yet, when one clicks on the ad, no such discount is evident. Am I missing it?

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I saw no such ad

Sorry. Discounts are always nice to have.
This is one of those dynamic advertisment banners that clutter web pages these days. You cannot guarantee seeing the same ad twice. They frustrate me.
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I saw no ad at all

Are using Google ads perhaps? There's tracking within Google so ads are targeted based on prior uses of their search engine.

But I don't see any such ads at all. I have the AdBlockPlus add-on for FireFox installed on my workstation. I'm very aggresive about adding ads to the blocklist. Indeed Google ads and Google Analytics were the very first entries on my list. (Which means I never se anything under "Related Google Goodies" here.)

I've seen these ads

These ads seem to pop up all over quite a few of the websites I frequently visit. I think I first saw it on LifeHacker. I swear, it seems like there's some code in some of the software that displays ads that goes like this:

if visitor has ever purchased from Levenger
then Display 15% off Levenger Circa ad

Also, I think it is one of those things that if you click the ad to get to Levenger's site, the 15% discount is applied at checkout. There is a guaranteed way to get a slightly better deal: request their catalog. Every single one I've seen offers 20% off on your first purchase if you sign up for their preferred customer list. Which just means you get emails when they have new products or deals on their website.



You're right, or close. Last night when I saw the Levenger ad, I thought, "I was JUST on the Levenger website. What a coincidence!" But of course, it wasn't serendipity at all; the ad surely popped up because my web travels were being tracked. And even now when I click on the link above, the Levenger ad is still there.

So for kicks, I clicked on it again, was brought to a page of "notebooks and folios," and pretended to make a purchase. It wasn't until a couple of screens into check-out that the discount appeared, but it did appear. Then, for even more kicks, I pretended to buy things that weren't even notebooks or folios, and still got the discount!

So, exercising GREAT restraint, I ordered two 2007 junior agendas, for the covers, and a supply of compact refill paper. Got the covers for $5 rather than $10, and the refills for $20.40 rather than $24. I really didn't want to spend anything right now (I've even resisted ordering the starter kit with gift certificate!), but figured this is stuff I'll need (want, whatever) anyway, and when will I be able to get it for less? Right? I mean . . . right?

Wish I could share the discount, but why not try this -- go to the Levenger website, then wander over to and see what happens.

It worked!

I visited the Levenger web site, clicked a couple of pages, then went to No coupon. I clicked a couple of pages and after the second page the 15% Levenger coupon appeared. Yay. Then I went to Levenger and applied it to the $40 Circa sampler set that comes with the $40 gift card. Total $42.70 with the discount and a gift card. Yippee.


Glad I could share.