WOOHOO! Levenger store in my near future!

After reading some posts here, I realized there is a brick and mortar near Washington DC and guess where I am going on business today?! About 30 minutes from the LEvenger store at Tyson's Corner! I am so there this afternoon. I will go there straight from the airport. Geesh! That's bad isn't it? You get a free custom circa notebook when you visit a store.....


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I drove an hour and a half

to that same store. They were very nice the first three times I went into the store and visited the Circa bar. My Levenger tip is that if you plan on going back to the Circa bar try to do it in different work shifts so the same employees don't get to know you by name..... 'nuff said.


Sounds like something I would do. thankfully, I am only going to be in town a few days and won't be able to visit that frequently! But wow! Did they give you a free notebook EACH time? And what is this about a bar? You can "belly up" and get Circa stuff? How cool is that? What will they let you pick from? Any particular sizes?

Dang, my flight into Dulles has been delayed!


Yup, they have a selection

of sizes and you pick the size you want, what kind of paper you would like, the color rings, etc. I did get one each time.... until they recognized me anyway.

What I went through!

Yes. I have BEEN THERE!! what nice people at the Levenger store in Tyson's Corner and wow what a mall.

They have everything. I even bought some Skies Are Blue bottled ink to use in my Sensa Fountain pen. But yes, they helped me, explained all the options and I left with a letter sized notebook with 5 white dividers, several project, to do, address, white and multicolored lined paper.

I BOUGHT the aforementioned ink, a four pack of microPDA tablets, a regular sized PDA tablet with soft color dividers and a pack of 3x5 to do sheets. They threw in some Skies Are Blue fountain pen refills too.

The other part of the adventure though was that I took every wrong turn imaginable to get there and then to get on to the hotel. The only luck I had while driving this evening was I pulled into the close up parking lot at Nordstrom's, walked in and the Levenger store was a stone's throw away. Must have been my organizational instincts pulling me to the right place.

Anyway, I can see how they would definitely catch on to the visits to the Circa "bar"!

Glad to be settled in at my resting place for the night. Tomorrow it is off to training on some project management tools.


It is very easy to take many wrong turns

getting into the Tyson's Corner mall. I have done it soooo many times and I lived nearby for 14 years! Even with my handy GPS unit telling me "turn now you idiot, don't make me recalculate the route again" I still can get hopelesly turned around there.

Going there for the holidays!

Wow! Great I will have to check them out in Tyson's! Been awhile since ive been there! To the mall :)

When you finish drooling on the leather...

you can go across the way from the Levenger Store to the Apple Store and drool on the iPods and iPhones and MacBooks.
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Another reason to miss the east side of America!

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Any of these near you ?

(Apple Store locations in Washington State)
Bellevue Square, Bellevue Square
Lynnwood, Alderwood Mall
Seattle, University Village
Tukwila, Southcenter

More locations here
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Going back one more time!

Lucky me!! I have to return to DC for one more stint of training. I purposefully picked an earlier flight so that I could get to the Levenger store early in the day this time and spend more time at the mall in general.

I am taking my remaining $40 gift card and buy some stuff!!!

ygor you have obviously been there! Maybe I will see you at the Circa bar! :-)


I was back at the Tysons store

over the Thanksgiving holiday to spend my $40 gift card. I couldn't get a clerk to offer the Circa bar and I didn't want to beg. I hung around the bar saying things like "oohh this looks neat" but they were busy chatting with each other and ignored me. I looked at the canvas book bag that comes with the other small stuff (can't remember what it's called) and I may have to get it at some point when I can figure out what everything is. I actually opened a package and asked the clerk what some items were (I figured out later it was the book covers) but the clerk was clueless and didn't know nor was he willing to ask any of the other clerks. When I asked him to find out he just disappeared into the back never to be seen again. I know they had a busy day but I was hoping for better from Levenger.

That is REALLY frustrating

that they were so oblivious to you. With this information in hand I will be interested to see how they are next week when I hit the store. That is pretty disappointing. Maybe you weren't wearing your dollar sign apparel. :-)

I always look so dewy-eyed when I go in there....it's like, a sucker is born every minute and I am one of them!!!


I didn't get a lot of love ...

when I went to the store at Water Tower Place in Chicago.

A trip downstairs to Lush fixed that, though, and my baggage was over weight on the way home due to the nummy things I got from Lush. (c: