New to GTD - Compact?

I am new to GTD and am looking for a bit of advice. I like the standard templates, but am looking for compact size. I have given up on classic as it is just too much to carry around with me. I just received my gorgeous new leather FC binder and can't wait to put it into action. Are there any compact size templates that would be good to start out with? I know that I will eventually want to come up with something of my own, but would love some to get me started. I have quite large writing, so I generally have problems with rows that are wide enough.

Also, any advice for a newbie? I am just reading GTD again. I read it before (from the library), but didn't get much out of it as I was trying to hurry through. I am taking my time reading now so that I get the most out of it I can.

TIA for your help,

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check out Ygor's dynamic templates... those will give you weekly, monthly, yearly and notes to any size your printer can handle :) The notes allow you to title them anything you want, which will come in handy for GTD (@home, etc).

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Lots of Templates

in the template folder! Just check it out as there are many compact templates there. Not sure why no one ever seems to be able to find them???? There are many...

Happy planning!
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I did look in the template

I did look in the template folder, but there is no option to search by that size. I thought that I would ask for some help before going through the templates page by page. I guess that will be my next step. Also, I will have to read up on the Dynamic templates to see what to do. It was apparent to me how to print compact size templates.

Thanks for the help.

Huh? Yes there is, click on

Huh? Yes there is, click on the "Templates Directory" option on the Templates page. That will take you to a page with drop down search options.
Good luck!

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Never noticed

I had never noticed that search function before.
Thanks for pointing it out.

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Search OTHER size

You will find many templates in the size you are looking for...

Ah, yes but there is no "compact"

option under the drop down menu. I was just searching for Levenger sized templates myself and ran into the same thing. Off to search the multiple size templates now for the right size.

FC Compact size bigger than other six-ring size.

Just a reminder that the FC Compact size is 4.25" x 6.75", while the DayRunner/DayTimer/Levenger size is 3.75" x 6.75." Same ring spacing. I like the FC size because I have a binder that fits it and it gives a bit more room to write stuff. That 1/2" makes a difference. I mention this because the templates directory has both sizes and it might be confusing.


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Circa Cover Size?

Just a question to interject here. I'm working on a Circa compact planner for the wife and I'm curious what size the real Levenger Compact circa covers are (just the platic ones, not anything fancy). Anyone got the real thing? I'll be DIYing mine :)


compact cover size

I'm told by Levenger that they don't sell plastic compact covers. I can't imagine why not; maybe someone should run that by Ryan. But I can tell you that the compact agenda plastic covers measure 7" x 4 1/8". What you can do right now is order a 2007 compact agenda and use the rings and covers to start your own planner. They're now on sale for something like $2.95 each. (For an additional 15% off, especially if you're looking for more in the way of supplies, take a look at the Deal or no deal thread. )

There are 2007 Agendas still available for $3

Grab several. You get your money's worth in covers and discs, and you get "scrap" paper to experiment with.
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compact cover size

You can get a set of compact covers if you visit a Levenger Circa bar, that's how I got my first one. Then I bought 5 of the 2007 agendas to get more. You can buy the compact starter kit and get a set that way but then you also have all of the paper thay you may not want.


That was a big help everyone.


Compact covers & Shells


The compact covers are available for sale. If ordering by phone, just mention item number ADS3345. ( .. checking to see how soon they can be back online ..)


The shells are available as well. [ADS3195 CPT]

Thanks for the info, Ryan.

Thanks for the info, Ryan. Are compact covers new? Because I asked customer service about them a few months ago and was told that Levenger doesn't offer them. Then, just before I posted above, I checked the site to be sure and couldn't find them.

Also, I'd never heard of the shells. Great idea (especially if you could select which size disks you want to go with them . . .).

Shells - Compact availability

Are compact covers new?

They have been available for months, but simply were not on the web. The situation should be resolved in the next few days. ;)

Also, I'd never heard of the shells. Great idea (especially if you could select which size disks you want to go with them . . .).

Currently, the shells come standard with 3/4" discs. That isn't a bad idea!


Could we please have the Magic Numbers...

for the any/all other size shells/covers as well ?
Let's see, there should be Letter and Junior, and maybe 3x5, 3x5-PDA, and micro-PDA too.
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- Poof - Magic Numbers


Letter size -ADS3195 LTR
Junior size -ADS3195 JNR
Compact size -ADS3195 CPT

Covers [two sets of two]

Letter size -ADS1805
Junior size -ADS1815
Compact size -ADS3345

** 3x5 PDA, 3x5 side-bound, & Micro aren't yet available separately.