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I'm not sure if this post belongs here, so if not please move to the correct location.

I have been using the templates and philosophy of DIYP for sometime, and have enjoyed reading the posts, especially in this section, as most of my work is digital in some form or another.

I'm not sure what the rules for template modification are, but if anyone is interested, I turned some of the templates into electronic forms for my own personal use. This allows me to fill them electronically and then print them as I need to. This saves me quite a bit of time. And it makes it much neater.

I am slowly working my way through all the templates that I use all the time.

I have attached the monthly planner for you to have a look. You can save copies off this template and re-edit them as much as you like. If anyone is interested and it's allowed, please let me know and I will post more.


Monthly Planner_Template.pdf269.42 KB
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Feel free to submit these under templates (create content)... They will need to be approved but then will be located in the templates directory with other user submissions :)

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Thanks for that.

I posted it in Template Requests & Design.


Editable Templates

WOW! I love this template! I really like it when we can type in the info and then print! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! And, I would absolutely love to see any of the others you have "tweaked"!

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All forms posted

Hello all-

If you are interested I have posted all the forms in the Template Requests & Design section of the forum.

There are 11 in all.