Excel calendar questions

This is nice. I actually have a work related reason for posting here :-) Yesterday one of the managers here said he was looking for a way to take a spreadsheet that lists who is on vacation when and generate a nice-looking calendar out of it.

Toward the end of the year, a lot of people take a lot of time off and it can sometimes be tricky to figure out who is around. Not sure how much of a difference this makes, but most people here have Office 2003, but instead of using Outlook or Exchange, we have Lotus Notes. So I'm not sure if there is a way to just pull in people's calendars with that.


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Team Calendar


My team always used a common team calendar. In the enterprise, we'd use an Exchange Public Folder for this purpose. We have also used eRoom, and I'm sure you could use Sharepoint for this as well. I am sure there are other ways.

As far as syphoning the data from outlook and printing without the duplicate labor of double-entry calendar-keeping, well, I've never tried.


too much enterprise?

You can't get much more enterprise than where I'm at now. We don't have Exchange or Outlook. Instead it is Lotus Notes and the way it is set up, you can't see what other people have in their calendar, only when they are busy, unavailable, or available.

Unless there is some way to export your vacation days from Lotus Notes, this is going to involve some manual calendar work. I think the kind of thing they were looking for would be the ability to take a spreadsheet that looked like the following and generate a nice calendar of who has which days off.

Kenny,November 22 - November 23
Kenny,December 24 - December 26
Bob,November 19 - November 23


Group calendar

We use LotusNotes here, too. We manage a lot of events and meetings from very diverse parts of our corporation. Our group requested IT to develop a "new user" specifically for our department with its own email, address and calendar account. Now we can dump all of the events, activities, main meetings, other pertinent info, etc. It's also good for forward planning. I suppose you could use this, too, for vacation schedules.

Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any way to "pull" that info from other people's calendars. Perhaps your colleagues could "invite" the department calendar to a meeting (vacation) and it would show up autmatically on the department calendar.


Shared Document

If I am understanding the environment correctly.... Couldn't you just create a shared document (calendar) and have each person plug in their leave dates with color coding? If you created an electronic calendar template in the spreadsheet, have each person enter their name and color code the cell for days they have off, that would work. You could even have some hidden formulas to tell you who is left to cover for those slackers taking vacation.

non-enterprise solution

Kenny, you could try this:

It's non-enterprise and it's available outside the enterprise. I use it to set up meetings between us and external vendors.

You could use it for vacations too.

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is this the doodle you mean?

The word "doodle" in your post showed up like it was a link, but it won't let me click on it. Was this the doodle you were referring to?

That looks pretty handy. I'll see if it is something they'd want to try. One possible sticking point: we've actually got an IT security policy against storing corporate data on external sites. Not sure if people's vacation time counts as "corporate data" and how stringent they are on that.

The current solution is a Word document on a shared drive. The only thing that surprises me about that is it isn't an Excel spreadsheet.