Interesting Rollabind Products at Leed's

This is exciting... long time lurker, first time poster. Saw something that I hope others will find useful.

I've been googling places to feed my Rollabind/Circa addiction (thanks DIY Planner!), and came across this new site...

I did a search and didn't see anything about them.

What might interest everyone here is that they have a REALLY cheap portable punch. The design is unlike anything I've seen. The best part is that it only costs $7.20.

More of their Rollabind products can be found here.

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Interesting, but...

not a one appears to use anything like "standard" paper sizes.
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Leed's notebook sizes

The Organizer looks like it takes 8.5x11 and the Journal looks to be the same size as the Circa Junior, at least based on the number of rings. The two Jotters look like they take non-standard paper sizes, though.


Hmmm... sizes

There's the three "Ultrahyde" models:
h 11.25" x w 0.50" x l 9.50" <--- OK, letter size
h 8.75" x w 0.50" x l 7.25" <--- OK, Classic/Junior size
h 6" x w 0.50" x l 5.75" <--- ?????

And the three polypro models:
h 11.25" x w 0.75" x l 8.62" <--- OK, letter size (barely)
h 8.75" x w 0.50" x l 5.62" <--- OK, Classic/Junior size (barely)
h 5.12" x w 0.50" x l 3.87" <--- about PDA size, but 4 discs !!?

Hmmm. 4 out of 6 potentially usable by folks with a standard-size obcession.
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those look cool!

Those notebooks look nice - kind of like a nicer version of the ones in Staples. Complete with pen loop and Cornell ruled sheets in some of the ones they carry.

As for the punch - Franklin Covey has a similar type of plastic punch. The difference being that punch makes Rollabind/Circa smurfs instead of just holes. Upsides: the plastic punches are cheap, light and portable. Downside: forget punching anything really thick or more than one page at a time.

This looks like a great way for someone to get started experimenting with this system.


Good find on a cheep

Good find on a cheep rollabind smurfer. Not to be depressing but I see a few issues with this sort of toy:

It does not seem to have a guide for centering the paper. Therefore your punches may come out less accurate than say the expensive desk versions. I also dislike how it only smurfs one sheet at a time. That's not acceptable when you're smurfing tons of sheets.

I used to have a 3-ring punch that was VERY similar to this style and over time it just hurt my thumbs to press down on the puncher over and over. It got so bad i had to get a desktop version of a 3-ring punch.

This said, if anyone here's bought and tried this new punch... i'd love to know how it went and how the compatibility stands up to Myndology AND Levenger's circa?


I'm ordering one, and I'll

I'm ordering one, and I'll post my results here. I'm hoping it will be something that I can throw into my brief-bag for trips. A lot of the paper I collect in the field for later filing is odd small size (train ticket stubs, receipts), so the lack of an alignment guide hopefully won't be a problem in those instances.

EDIT: Well, um, assuming they approve me, that is! :-D Figure it can't hurt to apply and see what happens. Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have one of the Rollabind letter-sized notebooks from Staples - in vinyl, but similar to the Levenger Foldover notebooks.

I was hoping to find one in the Junior size as well, but they only had the cardboard/linen ones.

Since I don't use leather products, Levenger is a big tease for me on some of this stuff (c:.

Thanks for posting the link. I'm going to pick up the padded notebook and probably the 3 x 5 notepad as well, even if it isn't quite the standard punch, I love that it has a pen loop.


FYI - Leeds doesn't sell to consumers

You have to be a verifiable promotional products seller.

I've found several sites that it looks like I can purchase from. I'll let you know how it goes.


Love to know where you can buy things like from Leeds

Leeds actually called today to check me out. When I found out on this forum that the sizes are not like the Junior size I love, I did not call them back. Other sources out there where you do not have to be a sales rep?

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Leeds Rolla Ordering

I ordered from a place called Logo Sportswear.

If you google the following phrase - "Rollabind Method Performance" - it'll come up around 3rd on the list.

They offer personalization, but there didn't appear to be a minimum order or anything.

The order is placed. I hope to hear tomorrow if it's gone through.

Did it go through?

Got rejected by Leed's so couldn't order from them....

Did your order go through with Logo Sportswear? How much was shipping?

i signed up too...

leeds called me to verify and when I said I was just trying order one at a time and/or to get a sample sent to me, they said I have to go through a promotional supplier in town (they gave me the closest place). I have ordered for our company through my local supplier before, but I don't feel comfortable to ask them to order me one item... leeds has some really great items, so it is too bad that this is the only way to order from them... bummer if you ask me!

nay nay

Bulk order

Get them printed with the DIY Planner logo and then send one to each of your online buddies for the holidays. 8-D

We could, you know ...

I requested samples from my local supplier. I will report when they arrive.
I was told that the punch is backordered thru December
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

I ordered from Logo, but ...

I ordered one each of the Organizer, Junior and Jotter size on November 8.

I got an e-mail reply that said I would be contacted later to be advised of any additional charges for artwork or shipping.

I heard nothing.

Late last week I e-mailed to see what was up. I got no reply.

Yesterday I called and spoke with a rep who said he would e-mail me back regarding the status of my order. I heard nothing.

So I called at approximately 2:30 PM EST today and same gentleman said he would call me back within 1/2 hour. It's nearly 5:00 PM EST now and I haven't heard back.

I'm about ready to give up. I'm going to call them one more time, and then see if the other company mentioned in this thread (KMG?) might be willing to send me something.



They have sent me the items and told me they'll be here on Monday. Fingers crossed!

The slightly curved outer

The slightly curved outer edge to accommodate the pen loop is a good idea.

I bought some!

I got some samples, via KMG Marketing. They're also unable to get the punch, but I got the Jotter and the Junior in the mail today. I guess Leed's is located somewhere near me (Pittsburgh).

Anyway, I posted some comparison photos with some Levenger gear I've got that's similar sized.

Junior is here: Flickr Set
Jotter is here: Flickr Set


Bp, thanks for sharing this! Compared Staples Rollabind and Levenger Circa, how do you rate the quality of the Rolla Method gear?

Lower quality than Staples

I asked for and got one of each.
I would avoid the "Ultrahyde" models. The others could be useful, but I am thinking they would not be cost effective. If the paper was not lined, it might be tempting.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Yeah, the paper is kind of

Yeah, the paper is kind of part-way to newsprint, actually. Very low quality. I'm hoping their punch is operable, though, so I can use it to punch 3x5 cards for my Circa PDA. Other than that, these things are probably only good as a pretty inexpensive way to send a sample book to someone who doesn't know the ring-bound concept yet, and/or for what they're intended for: logo-emblazoned corporate giveaways.

Also, as I mention in the photoset a couple of times, they don't, themselves, sell refills yet. I wrote the refills-site contact number, and they said they'd have some up by now, but there still aren't any.

First Impressions

Well, I got my Leeds products today.

I purchased the Letter sized Organizer, the junior sized planner and a 3x5 jotter.

My main reason for trying them was that, at the time, Levenger didn't offer anything except the plain plastic covers that didn't have leather on them. Since I don't use leather, but wanted something I could take with me to meetings and look fairly professional, this was an exciting opportunity. I haven't purchased one of the book cloth Circas yet - I have to check and see if they're free of leather. (I made the mistake once of ordering from Levenger microfiber planner notebook {didn't they used to carry Filofax?}, but it had leather on the interior.)

I have a letter sized Rolla notebook from Staples, but it didn't have interior pockets like most planners and portfolios do, and I wanted that functionality.

Unfortunately, I'm definitely not impressed.

1. While I wasn't purchasing them for the paper innards, the paper itself is rough and cheap-feeling. Definitely going to be "scratch" around here. I haven't tried writing on it yet, but my guess is that it will not stand up well to fountain pen ink. If I were a corporate gift giver, I would be unhappy with the prospect of giving these to my customer (with the possible exception of the jotter).

2. The covers are very flexible. Ok, they're floppy. This is worst on the letter sized cover, and I would not be able to set this book in my lap and take notes at, say, the airport or in a meeting. I will probably take the front cover, which has a couple of pockets on it, and put it on my Staples Rolla notebook, which has a stiffer back cover (but no pockets). I'll be losing the pen loop, which is on the back cover.

3. The rings are very poor quality. I haven't got a Circa to compare with yet, but even the Rolla rings from Staples are much smoother. There are burrs and imperfections on the Leeds rings that makes it difficult to turn the pages.

4. The jotter, as noted previously, has 4 rings as opposed to Circa's 3 rings on 3x5 cards (and the paper appears to be a bit bitter than 3x5, I haven't really measured). It will go in my bag for quick notes, definitely. It would benefit from an elastic band to hold it shut and it does have that handy pen loop. I'm pretty sure I can hack some pages for this beastie that'll make it useful as a thought-capture sort of thingy.

*** Updated to add that the jotter paper is 3 5/8" x 5"

The hacks I plan:

1. Put the front cover on my Staples Rolla letter-size notebook.
2. Replace the rings in the junior sized notebook, but I will likely keep my Myndology books for my personal journals. Not sure if this will serve as a note-taker for when I have meetings and the large planner is too unwieldy. It may just hover around here or get freecycled. I'll let you know. (c:
3. Figure out the jotter size paper and make some useful note-taking templates for stuff I collect when I'm out and about.

I hope this helped someone, as I've definitely been assisted by those who've posted here.

About the "Rollabind Method Punch"...

I finally got the last bit of my original order from Leed's, the Rollabind Method Punch. This thing *might* serve in a pinch, but it's probably not worth it.

Quick summary:
* All plastic
* Can handle at *most* one piece of paper at a time
* Dulls easily
* I was unable to punch one of my own business cards with it
* Takes a tremendous amount of force - punching several sheets will leave your wrists/arms/fingers a little tired.

I bought 2, because my SO is resistant to spending the $40 for a Levenger punch. Now I'm sad, because my hands will probably suffer with the use of these for a while before I can finally convince her that spending yet more on that same $40 punch is justified.

Convincing the SO

Just be sure to get all dramatic when you punch papers. "Ow ow ow! My wrists! Boy, a new punch would be cheaper than carpal-tunnel surgery..."

Get a free rollabind/circa notebook

If you happen to live near a Levenger's store, they will give you a free sample circa notebook in your choice of size -- it comes with a small assortment of paper. Look at their website to see if any stores are close to you.

Leeds now selling the desk punch...

And it's cheap!

Looks like it'll sell for about $30. I managed to find an old (~10 years) Levenger punch that a collegue had, but, if I were still looking for a punch, this looks like the way to go. From the pictures, it looks the same as the same model as directly from Rollabind - 12 punches, guide (but not the fancy new one that Levenger just launched).

Wow, that's an awesome

Wow, that's an awesome price! It looks the same as the Rollabind punch that I have too...

Just applied at Leeds to see

Just applied at Leeds to see if I can get one of these desk punches. This is the cheapest I've seen them for anywhere.

Hopefully, I'll get through the screening process to get a membership.

I'm working on getting a punch as well

My employer uses Leeds for promotional items. i have a request in to see if I can order a few things. I want some of the journals as well but I'm a bit leery based on some of the feedback I'm seeing here....

They are OK, but...

my one complaint is that the smaller, handier items use a non-standard paper size.
The prices are comparable to what you would pay at Staples, and I feel the quality is better that the Staples Rolla products.
If your company has an account with Leeds, you should be able to buy 1 or 2 of an item to "test drive".
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)