For some reason my replies didnt show up on the other thread....I guess what I would love is

just a generic open office template for a blank 3x5 card. I'm not super savy when it comes to making templates.

I have an envelope template I downloaded from someplace and in open office it literally just shows an envelope type space to work in. You fill it out and WYSIWYG.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable could take pitty on me and just --make one for me??? Or perhaps make one with a short tutorial on how it was done. Or even just instruction on how to do it or a link to a how-to.

Either way if you take pity on me and slap one together you can email it to me at

I use a very ad-hoc sort of hipster, really would only work for me, but I need to be able to make free-form 3X5 cards on the fly.



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I think Mead or Meade (forget how to spell it) makes a Word template--four-up for 3x5 cards. They are lined, and designed for writing on screen, and printing out and cutting out. It might be on their web site under the Oxford brand name. I think I have a bookmark here somewhere, but I can't find it. If and when I find it, I'll post it here. This may be what you are looking for, but to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what you are looking at--lined? vertical? horizontal? Any kind of header or special title text? The more specific you are, the more likely people will be able to help you. HTH.

Oops. Found the link. It wasn't named what I thought it would be named.

Also, the template isn't what I remembered, it's a 5-up--two vertical, and three horizontal. The good side is that it seems that the template contains images you could yank and put into your own. It's a simple 3x5 with lines--the normal--one pink line, and bunches of blue lines. Here's the link:

Have fun, and let us know if this doesn't work.


Sent you some stuff by email

Sent you some stuff by email - assumed your gmail ends dot com.