GACK...none of my replies are showing up.....heres an answer ot the other thread about a 3x5 template.

I just need a text doc template that will allow me to have a "preset" 3x5 work area and just a blank 3x5 space. That way I can make a horizonal 3x5 cards with just what ever i need in them on the fly.

Doesn't need to be lined at all. I just need to be able to write in an address or some other object of information and have it print out to a 3x5 card.

I have an envelope one that works, if you shoot me an email at phundle@gmail or I can email you the file as an example of what I want to make,

I just don't have the know how.

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Here's how you do that in Word

Click on "File/Page Setup" from the menu bar in Word.

Click the "Paper" tab in the dialog box that comes up.

Under "Paper Size", there will be drop-down list from which you can select different sizes. If there isn't already one for "Index Card", select "Custom Size". Enter "3" and "5" in the width and height columns (for portrait layout; for landscape it would be the other way around).

This gives you an index-card size page in your document window. To save this as a template, click on "File/Save as", and select "Document Template" from the "Save as type" drop-down. Name it whatever you like, and you're good to go.

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