Paper Based Planning Is Very Logical

SpockPlease note: Unfortunately Steve will unable to bring his normal insightful wit to this space today, due to an unfortunate mishap. Steve was supposed to have a funny column about personality type to correspond with his Dad's Wednesday column on Introversion and Extroversion, but he has just finished his studies at art school and, after learning what his monthly student loan payments will be and what his job prospects with an art school degree actually are, he was found wimpering softly in a closet, holding his teddy bear and muttering incoherently about the Hundred Years War. In his place, we bring you, at great expense and logistical difficulty, Mr. Olin Schluctmeyer, Founder and President of the South-East Nebraska Mr. Spock Appreciation Society, here to talk about how to approach paper-based planning in a logical, Vulcan manner. Take it away, Olin.

Greetings Earthlings! Heh heh, Star Trek joke. It gives me great pleasure to talk to you today about paper-based planning from the Vulcan perspective, as I believe Mr. Spock in particular, and Vulcans in general, would appreciate paper-based planning for its logical, ordered approach to getting things done. Of course, Mr. Spock lives in a futuristic, paper-free society, but I believe the principles of paper-based planning could be effectively adapted for use in a tricorder.

Spock could use his planner to keep track of different types of emotional outbursts from his crewmates, using Sacha Chow's moods template to help differentiate, for example, between genuine emotional outbursts from Captain Kirk and mere horrendous over-acting.

There is a great deal of pressure on Spock to join the rest of the crew in their emotional reactions and to embrace his human side ("Spock, how can you be so cold?" "Spock, you cold-blooded Vulcan, don't you have any human decency?" "Spock, you're standing on my foot!"), but he could use the planner to keep himself grounded in a firm organisational logic. The planner is logically laid out and leaves no room for emotions, and thus would appeal to Spock's vulcan mind.

Come to think of it, I could use the matrix template in the planner to statistically determine my chances of ever getting a date....

Spock, of course, would find it most illogical to print a paper on a non-renewable writing medium and would insist on a recycled planner.

I have found it most gratifying sharing this time with you and hope to do it again. If you have enjoyed this correspondance, please tell your site administrator. Until our next communication, live long and prosper.

Olin Schluctmeyer

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I'm a Doktor not a Xerox machine Jim!

Interesting and logical... Did you know that despite being set in the future the doors on the Enterprise were worked by men with balls of sting? :P

That's it!:)

I've found my career: Manual Star Trek Door Opening Guy!

Steve Sharam