Newbie to circa/rollabind

Hello, i'm new to this site. First let me say thank you for this site! I am so excited to embark on this journey of diyplanning. I got a franklin covey last year and i want to switch to something else b/c it doens't offer the flexibility that I need. I've begun reading David Allen's Getting Things Done and i'm excited to figure out how to integrate the two planning theories & find a work/life balance.

I have a couple questions that I want to get answered before I start. I've been reading about both the Circa & Rollabind planning systems & I think they may be what i'm looking for.

1. Are the two systems compatible, meaning can I buy a hole punch for one and use the pre-punched sheets from another?

2. What do I do with the rings? By this i'm talking about the different size rings that can be ordered.

3. Where else can I purchase a hole punch?

Thanks all, I appreciate any and all advice you have on this topic.

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Don't do it! ;-)

Actually, I don't really believe that. Here are some thoughts of mine...

1. Are the two systems compatible, meaning can I buy a hole punch for one and use the pre-punched sheets from another?

Circa is a licensee of Rollabind--they are identical for all intents and purposes, although it seems the Circa desktop punch has only 11 punches, while the Rollabind brand has 12. This will only matter if you do scrapbooking on 12" pages.

But in all respects, they are interchangeable.

2. What do I do with the rings? By this i'm talking about the different size rings that can be ordered.

Let's see.... Little boxes with dividers, or even old cottage cheese containers, but I use little baggies. Ziploc bags would work. Mine are all stuffed inside a shoebox.

3. Where else can I purchase a hole punch?

Um. Since you are in the States, can't really help you there. But eBay springs to mind. :-)


Another convert

Welcome! I too am a recovering Franklin Covey user, converted to the Church of DIY this past spring when my quaterly refill was due. With respect to buying a punch, if you're looking into getting a new one, your choices are primarily Levenger ( or a scrapbooking place like Wilde-Ideas ( Note that the punch intended for scrapbooking actually makes twelve smurfs (holes) along the edge, since scrapbook paper is typically 12" square. The Levenger punch is intended for letter-sized paper, and so only goes up to eleven. :-) Rollabind also makes (made?) a presentation kit which included the desktop punch (the heavy metal one, not the plastic "portable" punch.) Judicious use of your favorite search engine may turn up a retailer that sells these.

I personally could not wait for eBay to magically produce a desktop punch, so I buckled down and bought from Levenger (steep shipping and all!) I justified it to myself by noting the cost of an annual refill for my Franklin binder, and deciding that I could do much cooler paper on my own. I do not regret the decision at all, as I've made a large number of projects with the desk punch. All of my spare discs are in an old cookie tin under my desk, by the way. They make a pleasing rattle. :-)

If you have a Staples store in your area, they do carry Rolla-branded notebooks in their "executive notebooks" aisle (near the journals and such in my local store.) You may want to try-before-you-buy, but play with them first if you do, as the quality of these books seems to be iffy.

Finally, someone else in another topic noted that the Rolodex card punch can make a serviceable, although not-quite-100%-compatible handheld punch for punching things like index cards and business cards. My Staples sells these, too, but I haven't convinced myself that I need/want one badly enough (yet.)



You already got a good answer on #1.

On #2, you can also stuff your spares in tackle boxes. But as to what you do with them, well, after you punch the pages, you stuff the rings in the holes to hold the paper together. (sorry, sometimes the obvious stuff isn't obvious) You will find reasons to have extra notebooks, so a stash of spares is nice to have. The different sizes of rings hold different amounts of paper, but one notebook needs to have all rings of the same size or it will be very awkward to open.

#3, you can mail order one from Rollabind,, or possibly (they're closing out and might not have any more). Occasionally a scrapbook place will carry supplies, but I'm not sure about the punch.


And don't forget ebay

I bought the Rollabind "crafter's kit" on ebay for about $28. It came with a portable punch (which works fine for me, for now), and a whole bunch of discs in different sizes and colors, in a sorting tray. It has all served me very well, and I really like that you can use just the punch part, without the guide, to punch 3x5 and business cards. Yes, I'd love to have a desktop punch, and always keep my eyes peeled for a deal on one. I may cave in one of these days and get one from Levenger, hopefully with a discount. Sigh.
Also, as far as what to do with the rings - make stuff! Once you start discovering uses for them, you'll become a circa-monster, smurfing every scrap of paper you find and popping them all together in little circa/rolla books. I know this because my desk at school is on its way to being "Circa Central" - tardy slips, hall passes, index cards - all the loose papers that used to clutter my desk have all been smurfed and filed in my various notebooks. And that's not even the tip of the iceberg...
There, I feel better now, admitting you have a problem is the first step :-)
Good luck - you have been warned...

things I have Circa-fied

Besides setting up a planner and a journal, I have also Circa-fied:

knitting patterns (one card per row)

crossword puzzle books (those things never lie flat)

my Weight Watchers reference material


grocery coupons (I made pockets for them out of index cards, to sort the coupons and carry them to the store).

As heavdog said, it won't be long before you start thinking of all kinds of things to CIrca-fy. Welcome to the collective!

"I want to live in Theory. Everything works there."


I've got to try that for my knitting patterns. Thanks for the idea!

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