New Circa Products @ Levenger - Daily Desk Calendar, Bomber Jacket cPDA, Bookcloth Notebooks finally available

Just saw some new products posted up @ Levenger today....

Daily Desk Calendar

Stand Only

These look really interesting! I'm curious to what size Circa rings these use... couldn't find any details about it in the description. I also have a tough time envisioning the size of it. It looks like the stand is adjustable too.

The Circa Bookcloth Notebooks finally make their appearance on the consumer side of the store! Are these the same price as they were selling it on the corporate side?

They also have the Bomber jacket for the circa PDA availabe. Looks nice, but kinda pricey for me... already spent all my money on other circa goodies :-(

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The pictures say...

"Compact calendar pages, 4 3/8W x 7H"
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But are they 1" rings? 1.5"

But are they 1" rings? 1.5" rings?

I notice...

....that they've conveniently "munged" the pics that show the daily page spread. I wonder why? ;-)

BTW, I notice the continued use of shadowed text boxes--that's so 90s. Surely somebody could come up with something better? :-)


so true

so true on all counts

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.



Looking at the assembly instructions for the stand (the 'what to do if a ring falls out' section) I wonder if it wouldn't have been easier just to rout out a spot for rings to comfortably sit, rather than trying to make them interface with the wood.

That is to say, cut grooves for the discs so your notebook sits neatly rather than the frankenstein sandwich they had to put together to make the rings part of the stand..

But that's just me. It's pretty. I'm a big fan of a nice red cherry wood..


Stability, perhaps?

Maybe grabbing a page for turning or flipping through the calendar makes it unstable? I see what you mean about the directions... makes you hope that you don't lose a ring (though that would probably be hard with a full calendar clipped in.)

I keep my Rolla-bound planner on an old FC book stand, and the profile of the opened book on the stand isn't enough to upset my delicate writing sensibilities. This is an odd product, IMHO.

stand advantage


The advantage to giving the rings a place to go would be that they can then sink into the stand, thus getting them out of the way of your writing hand when you need to jot a note. That's a valuable feature in something like a desk calendar that needs to have small pages, get frequent notes, yet have a huge stack of pages available on enormous rings.

So I can see the utility of having a spot for the rings, and even permanently fixing them into the stand. But I think I'd rather have 'permanently fixed' the rings with a small hole drilled through each ring and a small metal or wood rod behind (or through) the wood part of the stand, rather than the plastic card, screws, etc. You'd *know* it wasn't going to go anywhere then, but it might still be easily removable for portability.



Now if only I hadn't just purchased some of the Leeds/Rollabind notebooks.

Heh, but if those don't work out, then I've got options for non-leather circa. Yippee!


I spoke to Ryan about these

I spoke to Ryan about these notebooks and don't be fooled. They are bookcloth on the outside but the inside does have leather.

I was hoping the they would be a great vegan alternative for a friend but i guess they are not.

Sorry to disappoint. You could always use the plastic levenger covers and collage art over them.


i dont get it.

i am not a smart puppy i know, but i dont understand the need for cloth on the outside and leather on the inside?

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

perhaps its to make it

perhaps its to make it stable? *shrug* i know i was a bit disappointed on hearing that because i was hoping it was vegan friendly.


Reason for cloth outside

The reason they are cloth outside is to make the colors more vibrant than can be reflected in a leather product. My guess.I have two and they are eye candy for sure.

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The idea for a stand that

The idea for a stand that incorporates rings is great -- and hopefully this is the first of many to come, if the method of holding the rings in place works well.

Fingers and toes crossed for a CircaPDA version soon! My homemade stand needs retirement.