Hipster:New Post-it sortable cards


These cards stick lightly together but stick effectively to other surfaces.
They come in 3x4, 3x4 and 4x5 sizes, 4 colors, lined on both sides with a header area.
The cards have a new adhesive that holds the stack together (fairly lightly) yet separate and sort easily when the stack is flexed.
I organize them vertically on a cabinet door next to my desk and then stack them to go. They seem to stick to most surfaces very well.
A binder clip is not necessary.
They are not conducive to printing as there is not as blank version; but if a blank version were available you could stick them to a sheet of paper and run them thru the printer.


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That is definitely worth

That is definitely worth checking out. It would be nice to have some of these included in my regular Hipster.

I just saw these for the

I just saw these for the first time today and have looked for them for hours. I can't find a local (NYC) store that carries them; they're not at Staples or the other online sorces listed on the 3M site. The places that do have them in stock, well, by the time you add shipping, the price gets kinda ridiculous.

I like the smaller ones. I've seen them only in 2 colors, though, in my surfing.

DIY Restickables

Seems like a good way to go.

You might also be able to print up your own. 3M sells a glue stick so you can make any paper restickable


Just added the adhesive

Just added the adhesive stick to my Staples order. Thanks.

I've seen these in the local

I've seen these in the local Office Depot and have considered getting them but have resisted the urge, mainly because my husband, son and roommate all laugh at my obsession with office supplies.... may have to go check them out though!

I'll try anything once

Thanks, raydc. I followed your link and ordered a free sample from 3M.