Quo Vadis

Has anyone used the Quo Vadis planners? I just picked up the IB Traveler. It looks like a pretty decent calendar planner with weekly view on two pages with room for various notes. Tear away corners, checkbook size, removable contact section.
Please let me know if you are using one of these and any feedback.

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Quo Vadis has a broad range

Quo Vadis has a broad range of diaries and planners. I've used a few and they were always pretty good. I don't use bound planners anymore, but I'd use of of theirs again if I did.

Quo Vadis Trip

I'm waiting on the arrival of a passport sized Quo Vadis Trip (passport size required as I'm currently using a Cross passport cover as my 3x5 card holder). I realise this is no use in answering your question about how good Quo Vardis diaries are, but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one about to experiment with one!

Way back when I only used

Way back when I only used bound planners, I only used Qua Vadis. They're good and have all sorts of models and layouts.

Re: Quo Vadis planners

I've used these planners exclusively for at least 10 years now. They have hour sections for every day of the week, which has been useful for me, as I need to schedule things every day of the week, both social and work. I can't find anything that comes close in convenience and allowing me to have everything I need in one simple place. Hope you enjoy yours!

Quo Vadis Planners

I have used Quo Vadis Agenda Planning Diary (business) for 10 years now, and it beats the pants off of any other bound planner out there. They're designed and made very well. What I like most is that you can see a week at a time arranged in a vertical block schedule by hour (with half-hour ticks). It's probably not granular enough for some people, and it's not a 24-hour, and Sunday is at the bottom, but geez, it's the closest thing I've found to planning nirvana without geeking out and making my own, which, for me, would be yet another waste of time.

quo vadis

I love them but they wont take $ orders and some stores dont sell the refills so I have to buy the whole book and cost more. I only use textagenda and scholar and sapa x Rodney

try this ...

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