paper cutter recommendations

I've messed with my letter size Circa a bit and decided I really don't like using that size as a planner. I'm getting tired of cutting letter size pages in half with scissors. So - anyone have a good recommendation for a paper cutter that can do a couple pages at a time?

I'm thinking a good, inexpensive guillotine-style cutter. I think that's what those are called anyway.


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Not X-acto

I can tell you which one to stay away from, hopefully that will help. We have one of the X-acto paper cutters in the office and I do not like it at all. The paper slides giving you a nice curved cut, not what I wanted. The stop is almost impossible to move or re-position. Bottom line, don't go too low cost. Generally I like (and use) X-acto products, this is the exception.


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Fiskars paper cutter

I've been using one for the last couple months. The bed is 1 square foot, there is no model number on it. The cutting bar come down and helps clamp the paper in place. I usually stick to 5 sheets which after cutting are smurfed.

roller cutter?

Is that what they are called? Roller cutters? I think if you want inexpensive, you probably don't want a guillotine cutter, as cheaper ones won't clamp your paper, and keep it from sliding. Rollers can do better at cheaper--oh, and sometimes, you get the added benefit of being able to add a perforator, and perforate your pages (think tear-out pages, or corner tear-offs...)

Something to think about.


Limited number of sheets?

Aren't roller cutters limited in the number of sheets, though? I can whack through about 5 sheets at a time with the office guillotine cutter. The standard recommendation for anyone looking for bulk cutting, though, is to haul off to a place like Kinko's or some other copy shop and ask them to chop a ream of paper in half. It's reportedly crazy-cheap, and they've got the equipment to do it in one shot.

Just make sure you can print on half sheets first. ;-)

Check the box


The Carl rotary cutter I have advertises that it can do ten sheets (of 20lb) in a pass. I have done this many, but occasionally I have to run the blade back over the cut in the reverse direction to completely separate the bottom pieces. This is not a big deal as long as you haven't moved your hand or the paper after the first pass to check it. :)

I can do thicker stuff like heavy plastic and cardstock and matte board in the cutter too, but these often require multiple passes for a single sheet. It works, though, you just need a steady hand and a bit of patience.

However, I am now in the market for a guillotine with a paper guide. I'm tired of lining up my sheets by eye, they never end up as neatly cut as I want them, even though they're close enough for every purpose I've come up with. :) I like machine precision. :/



That coupled with the crummy behavior of 20# paper in a Circa-punched book says "guillotine" to me. Multiple passes? I'm lucky that I get the first cut right with all my fingers still attached.

Then you probably want this bad boy...

It's what I bought some years ago. Mine is an older model, but it works the same. It pressed down on the paper when you lower the arm, and holds it nice and firmly.
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There are better ones, though, and I'm sure cheaper. That Fiskers one people are mentioning sound quite decent.

Oh, I use mine for cutting stapled booklets, 50 pages or more. That's why I bought it.


Just bought one at Target

I just bought a guillotine model at Target for $20 I believe. It was in the scrapbook section and it is orange--I believe by Fiskars. I cut two pages at a time with heavy duty copier paper last night. It has a handy plastic finger press cover to hold down the paper for a cleaner cut. I was impressed. It has little rubber feet to keep it from scooting and it is very light.

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just returned a Fiskars

It wasn't cutting the last couple of inches, but tearing it instead. Went instead for the Office Depot store brand guillotine. It was about $55 or so, but it has a nice heavy base and cuts 15 pages at a time I think.

I do not like the plastic ones. They just don't seem to line up as well, and seem way to fragile.

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