Julian/Ordinal date calendar

In my job I have the need for a calendar with Julian (more correctly called Ordinal) dates. We used to get one at work at the beginning of each year, but the company seems to be pinching pennies every where it can and the last two years we've been left to our own devices to find one. This year I was able to locate one created with a spreadsheet. It isn't a template per se, but I thought some of the other folks here might find it useful. The spreadsheet I have was created in Excel, but there are no Excel-specific functions or formulas in it and it does load correctly in OpenOffice.org Calc. If you feel that it might be of use, I'll post it here. Please let me know what you think.


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Julian/Ordinal Template

By all means, please submit it as a "template". I've actually had a few requests for these, but with all the 'Planner v3 templates on my plate, I'm afraid it isn't very high on my current priority list. This might plug the hole nicely for a number of people.

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Digital year...

This reminds me of when I convinced a colleague Europe was switching to digital time and Rolex were going to convert their watches from 12 to 10 hours for free. O' happy times!