New laptop=new bag

Having lost two laptops in our house in one week a while back (a Sony Vaio lost to a dying motherboard that took everything else with it and a Dell that the cat knocked off a chair and broke the screen, keyboard, and frame, from a height of about 2 feet, who would have thought it could happen from that low a fall) I ordered a new laptop. After a lifetime of pc's I switched to a Macbook. I feel so liberated having left MS products behind! So, now I have to have a new bag, of course. And I have my handy $40 coupon from Levenger from my Circa pruchase. Which begs the question... who has a Macbook (not the pro big screen size) (size 2.75 cm x 32.5 cm x 22.7 cm or 1.08 in x 12.78 in x 8.92 in) and if you use a Levenger bag how does it fit and work? And what else do you carry in the bag? Yup, I splurged and got an ipod too so will have to fit that in the bag as well.

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new laptop=new bag

I hope your laptop miseries are behind you, and congratulations on your stunning new MacBook. My MacBook Pro fell off the bed once -- no permanent damage, but the wiring was knocked loose and needed tightening. Since then it lives in a sleeve, which gives additional padding and lets you leave it around the house or carry it to meetings without schlepping your whole bag. I haven't used Levenger bags, but Waterfield ( makes lovely, meticulously padded sleeves scaled to fit all laptop makes and models. I'm sure they'd fit in any Levenger bag. Built NY makes nice sleeves, too. Happy shopping!

Levenger Majorca Briefbag

I also have a MacBook - the 13 inch one in white. I've gone thru a couple bags - I've used a neoprene sleeve, which I used to toss into a back pack or my tote bag. When my job situation changed and I needed something a little nicer, I purchased the Levenger laptop PJs, in toffee coloured leather. It was on sale over the summer for about $30. It worked well enough and is very stylish, but I found I had to carry a briefcase AND my computer case, which could be a lot of stuff to carry. Recently, I switched over to the Levenger Majorca briefbag. I don't think it is designed to carry a laptop, but seems to be more than adequate for carrying my laptop from the house to the car to the office. If you commute on mass transit during peak hours, you might want to have something with more padding. I think it works pretty well for me, as I can carry my MacBook (in the previously mentioned sleeve) as well as a folio with legal or letter sized files. The toffee color was on sale at the Tysons Levenger store for $129, so I was pretty psyched. I looked at the Majorca laptop bag, but it was too big for my taste, and costs more ($298).

Hope this helps.

I don't have a recommendation, but did want to mention that has a laptop finder utility. There are drop down menus for you to provide your laptop make and model and they will return a list of all bags that will fit that particular model.

Have fun! I love shopping for new bags!!!

laptop bag of choice


congrats on your new macbook. I also am a macbook user and love it. I use a Tom Bihn Buzz slingback to haul my system around. It's also large enough to carry my hPDA, a few books, pens and my Nintendo DS. It costs about $120 dollars and is made in Seattle, WA. (That's local to me!) Yes, this may be pricey but hands down to me it's the best bag out there. They're sturdy, well made and well thought out.

Good luck with bag hunting,

It may be pricey

but if it does the job and holds up well and is attracive then it's worth it. I have a purse that I spent that amount on and it was well worth every penny. I'm tired of buying cheaper models that have to be replaced more frequently.

I just looked at the slingback

model and I have a question about its use. It's shown on a man; how does it work on women who have certain parts that may interfere with the strap lying so flatly as shown in the photo? It looks like a really neat bag but bags that go across the chest have always been a problem for me. Some work OK, some not so OK depending on the design.

sling bag straps

To help out with the question about sling bag straps on women...I carry an everyday bag made by Sherpani that is worn across the chest, and find that if I just wear the strap a little high, it works fine. Too low, and the strap cuts in between those "certain parts". So just adjust the way you carry it accordingly, and it should be fine.

i have no strap issues with

i have no strap issues with the Tom Bihn slingback. Actally, his slingback sits just under mine (heh...) where it feels the most comfortable. it does not move and it's a nice comfortable feeling.

I have another slingback bag for when i don't need to carry the macbook and the strap on that one is thin and annoying and shifts.

but yeah, i guess it's one of those where you can try the bag, and then if you no likey... send back for a refund based on their policies?