black friday: Does levenger offer anything for black friday?

you know like free shipping or extra discounts on the most expensive stuff.

basically if they did one last year, they will do one again.

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Ignorance abounds

I have to admit: what is black friday?

"To fly, we must have resistance."

the day after thanksgiving

the day after thanksgiving when stores sell so much that they finally go in the black (break even), thus black friday.

Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.

Isolated but that can be a good thing

Somehow I am not sorry that I did not know that. But thanks!
"To fly, we must have resistance."

Retail Woes

Most folks who have had the misfortune to work in a retail establishment, and been stuck working on the friday after Thankgiving are all to familiar with the term. If you don't have the "benefit" of that experience, you're a lucky man indeed!

Reese - lucky to have a 3-day week...

I am retail ...sorta

I work at a public service desk but in a library that is blissfully closed this Thursday and Friday. Our campus doesn't get Veteran's Day off so this is a welcome break. There is a special place in my heart for retail workers. They are so abused by the public. Hang in!

"To fly, we must have resistance."

i have to work thanksgiving

i have to work thanksgiving day. booo!!!
Levenger stole ALL of my money, but they left me all these nice, shiny organizational tools.


Ouch - that really hurts...

At least you get a Thanksgiving day....

I have to work as well, but worst, nobody around us even _know_ about T-giving. It's just a normal day here. This year, though, we invited friends--a Polish couple--to share our holiday with us in the evening. We found a nice, big turkey (fresh--sitting in my shed, buried in snow in a trunk!) we will be baking up on Thursday, but some "traditional" trimmings will be missing.

It's the one holiday that I miss being in the States for --no, I also miss the Fourth of July.


Not an English view

Thanksgiving Day! Um not something that we English celebrate. Why would we the loss of a colony. Well actually given the colony probably a great reason to celebrate. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))

Confusing with 4th of July

Hi reepicheep.

I think you're confusing Thanksgiving with the Fourth of July. July 4, 1776 is Independence Day (from Britain). In the US Thanksgiving was about surviving the colonization itself with enough food to harvest and save for the winter, and tradition says it started in 1619/1621 (see wikipedia). A local thing, to be sure, but not exactly hostile to England. In fact, Canada also has a Thanksgiving Day, on a different date, for similar reasons, but independently created and actually older than the US Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving is more of a harvest feast than anything else. A time to appreciate the good things you have while you have a minute between the work of the harvest and the approaching lean times (of winter). Definitely not a 'thumb your nose' holiday. :)


Thanksgiving (french:

Thanksgiving (french: L'Action de grâce) in Canada is always the second Monday in October. It's a harvest feast - which is why our southerly neighbors celebrate it a month (or so) later than we do. Otherwise it's pretty much celebrated the same way in both countries (family gathering, turkey, etc).

What you say is very true,

What you say is very true, Rebecca, with one big caveat. The US celebration is largely a rediscovered holiday from the 19th c. In Canada, the French Canadians (now known as Quebeckers) have always celebrated this as a Catholic feast day since the 17th c. About the same time it was rediscovered in the US, the Canadian (largely Protestant) federal government made it into a national holiday, taking the Christian aspects out. Through the influence of the US, the "English" Canadian celebration is very similar in tone and food than down South, but there are still marked differences in the French Canadian celebrations. It is not a typical Acadian celebration, for example. I never celebrated it until I met my Quebecker husband. I had never cooked a turkey before meeting him either. Also, in Canada, the celebration does not mark the beginning of the Holiday season. Halloween does.

LOL, I always thought it was

LOL, I always thought it was called Black Friday because people went so crazy that it was not a good time...

Friday 13th

In Australia, Black Friday is the name for any Friday 13th.

I was wondering why Levenger would have a special because of the day of the month. Silly me!

When is Thanksgiving? (I always get it and Halloween mixed up.)

US Thanksgiving is this

US Thanksgiving is this Thursday.


Levenger 15% off thru Thursday Nov 22, 2007

I received a reminder email from Levenger about this discount. Thought I would pass it on. (I assume it works for all customers, not only those who were sent an email.) The code to enter at time of purchase is