Would a Rollabind hipster be pocketable?

Wondering if a Rollabind setup for 3 x 5" index cards will be pocketable? How would the rings do in a back pocket if seated? Probably makes quite and impression on you, right? :0 )

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Depends on the disc size.

As long as you aren't using huge disc, it should be fine. (Just put the hipster in your pocket disc side up. Otherwise you'll be in for a world of hurt.)

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I love my Levenger hPDA

I tend to keep it in my front pocket, though. It also fits nicely into one of the pockets of my ScottEVest Classic 4.0, where I can grab it (and a pen) in a split second to take a note.

Though I tend to cary a Pilot G2 Pro, I keep a Pilot G2 mini ruber-banded to the side of my hPDA these days.

I never felt the discs


I carried a rolla hipster for a while and never felt the discs. They're high up on your hip, so if you don't really press your butt and back into the chair, they'll never get squished between the chair and your flesh.

Try taping a G2-mini pen sideways onto the end of a 3x5 card and stuff that into your pocket and sit down. It will give you a clue as to what you're going to feel. You can also do this with a child's giant crayon, a woman's lipstick or chapstick container, or a stick from the yard as thick as your index finger. They'll all give you a clue about whether the discs would be a problem.


OK, the lipstick melted, the

OK, the lipstick melted, the crayon broke and stained my pants and I used a stick from a rose bush and I'm waiting to be seen at the ER right now...


So, does your mommy still pick out your clothes?


And what did you discover wearing rose stems on your butt? :)


works for me

I have carried mine in my back pocket without any issues. Most of the time I forget it's there (kind of like carrying a wallet.) I prefer to carry it in a side pocket if I'm wearing some sort of cargo pants, or in a jacket pocket if I'm wearing one. Even better is a micro hpda, though, business card size or thereabouts. Two rings, smaller footprint, even less noticeable. Just keep the rings small!

rollabind is very pocketable

I have a taken a Levenger Circa Micro PDA - pretty much the same thing but with business card size notecards - and replaced the discs with the smallest Rollabind discs I can get. They are 1/4", I think. I keep it in my wallet in my front pocket. I keep 10 - 20 notecards in there. I'd say it is about as thick as 3 or 4 credit or debit cards.

I also have a Cross Ion pen on my keychain. As long as I have my wallet and keys, I'm all set to write down anything I may need to remember. Since I don't leave the house without these two things, I'm good to go.


No Issues with Myndology in Mypocket

I've carried around the Myndology 3X5 in my back pocket for quite awhile and have had no issues.

I did take out about a third of the (huge amount of) index cards that came with it, though... both for sake of my butt and because it was easier to flip the pages.

The Myndology dics are 'flatter' and the go along the 'long side' of the index card -- which I prefer. (Kinda like the Circa 3X5 foldover notebook, but without the goofy perforated cards.)

YMMV! -Venti

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