Mood Diary - pocket mod and Cognitive Restructuring problem solving worksheet

This is the Daily Mood Journaling / Tracking Page by Matdredalia worked into a pocketmod format. I often leave my planner on my desk, but never my wallet. Since this isn't something I'd want anybody looking at, I prefer to keep it in my wallet. (I never fill out the personal information pages of the planners either. Oh, and the reason I'm so touchy about personal info -- I work in a jail).

Thanks for the original template Matdredalia, and for permission to pocketmod it!

I'm also adding another pocketmod which incorporates some of the Mood Diary. It also has a worksheet for a "Problem Solving Technique". This is based somewhat on David Burns books and the cognitive restructuring schools of thought. Cognitive theory holds that at least some of the time when we face a psychological problem, it is at least partially caused by our own distorted thought patterns. So, whenever you notice yourself having thoughts of suicide, feeling a need to cut, feeling the need to overeat, feeling the need to not eat or purge, or ...
a technique to handle it is to write down the emotion, what triggered it, and then rephrase your self talk to overcome the distorted thinking.

I find to do this, I really need to have this sheet with me all the time -- hence the pocketmod. I also like tracking the factors from the mood diary as well. The two blank rows at the bottom can be used for tracking other factors that may be relevant for you.

Lastly, one page of the mod is for keeping track of doctor's appointments.

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See Matdredalia's original template info. for the Mood Diary pocket mod

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Kim - I love the PocketMod'd

Kim - I love the PocketMod'd version of the Mood Diary! I think you did an excellent job getting everything down on such a small format! SWEET!

I also really, really like the Problem Solving version as well. It's got a simple format for keeping track of A LOT Of things. EXCELLENT!

I will now be abusing these, heavily, lol.

I've been planning a small revamp of the Mood Diary, would you mind if I added in some of the stuff from the Prob Solving pocketmod? :)

-Manda aka Matdredalia-

go right ahead

With enough modifications, additions and streamlinings, we will soon have attained pocketmod nirvana.

I think we're getting close!
(would that be The Perfect Form?)



thank you SO much for posting this! i was very recently diagnosed with rapid cycle bipolar disorder (basically meaning my moods do whatever they want, whenever they want) and i just started medication for it. it's so nice to have something to track my moods and the effects of my meds especially for someone as scattered as me. i would have never been able to put a template together myself. thank you so much!!

Cross-Reference !

Matdredalia 's original Daily Mood Journaling / Tracking Page
It has some How-To-Use information.

Great form, kmorris
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