Count Your Chickens

This template makes it easier for you to count any quantity.

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You can use this counter form to keep track of nearly anything! Write labels next to or over lines, and darken one segment at a time. Each block represents 5. Each line represents 100. You can arrange your data in a bar graph or a column graph, and you can also use this to keep track of percentages. Have fun!

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double your counting in the same space

I learned a slighty different method for recording counts. Proceed as above for the first five. Add another opposite diagional line within the box to represent 6. Now you've got a box with an X in it, making four trianglar whitespaces. You can now put a dot in each of the four spaces to represent 7,8,9 & 10. Now each box can represent 10! Nifty!

Well this looks like

Well this looks like something but I just don't understand what ;-) Just looking at the example picture where it looks like one box i completly filled and one line on the next box is filled as well. So is this 110 or 600 or? I don't get it...

It´s only 6...

In every box are 5 lines...

Count 1 : mark the left line
Count 2 : mark the bottom line
Count 3 : mark the right line
Count 4 : mark the upper line
Now you get a square... 5 is the diagonal one

Thera are 20 boxes in a row, so you can count up to 100....


Don't feel bad -

I didn't get it either. In truth, I don't see the point to having a form for this at all. Suppose I suddenly wanted to count how many blue cars I saw in a day. I'd take a blank index card and write 'Blue Cars' at the top.

Then I'd start making little slashes. After the fourth, a horizontal slash to note five. After two 'five bundles' I circle them to denote ten.

Repeat for a while. After I have ten 'circles of ten' I sort of scribble over them all to 'cross them out' and write '100' near the top edge, and go back to slashes. If the card gets full, turn it over. If that side fills up, transfer the title and latest count in ordinary Arabic numerals to a new one and carry on.

It's faster and easier than the form (no having to make a careful little box, no checking to see which side of the box to fill in next -- just make a little slash anywhere on the card) and unless you are counting things most days of the week, why clutter your system with a special form for that?


I love this form - count all the time for invoicing - we pay $10 per line item on a menu list - and pay multiple brands - been using post-its and slash marks, but having this in my book makes it much easier - thanks!!!

Another use

I also coach public speakers, and now have a spot to mark their "ums" in a speech - could even keep a page for each person, and see progress


This sheet is excellent for counting rows or repeats when you are knitting. Thank you for offering this!