Making my own Circa-ish PDA

Small Circa or Rollabind discs are nowhere to be found in my city so I'm off to make my own. It occurred to me that I just need to find a full circle ring of the right diameter, punch regular holes in my index cards and slit the hole with scissors at the 12 o'clock position. Voila, the DIY Circa-ish PDA. What can I use for the rings? I thought of model car tires, possibly thick O rings (hardware store) or for the macho 'biker' look, hardware nuts, although that might make it too top heavy. Any ideas for rings from the brain trust? (I'm already using a book ring but that's too basic.) I won't be selling these so Levenger lawyers, cool your heels.

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Where are you looking for discs ?

Outside of Levenger retail stores, they are nearly impossible to find in a walk-up-buy-and-walk-away setting. I have gotten most of mine online.

MC2Office is dumping their Rollabind stock. You can get discs real cheap while they last.
Also, unlike "Wilde-Ideas", folks have not had any problems with MC2Office -- at least none that I have heard.
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How about slices of PVC

How about slices of PVC pipe? You can get varying diameters, and experiment with cutting slices of different thicknesses.


A true man after my own

A true man after my own southern heart. We can make anything out of PVC and duct tape can't we? I'm sort of hoping to find black rings in my search. I don't have a Circa punch and am not going to buy one so that's driving my DIY also. I'm now thinking that hardware nuts will be too thick for a standard punch hole. Great ideas everyone, keep 'em coming.

Thick rope


Use a piece of nice thick rope. Something where there's an outer layer woven around an inner layer. If it's nylon, you'll be able to 'weld' it into a loop with some flame.

That for your southern heart, anyway. :)

Why don't you like notebook rings? Too small? Let's see, what else could you use.. Surgical tubing.. a fat shoelace.. Some plumber's tubing (mmm, copper..). A welding rod (if it'll bend in a circle). Some leftover electrical wiring (romex or RJ45).. You could braid the smaller stuff together to make something the right diameter, or just twist it around itself to make sure the circle can't unravel.


making rings

I'd thought of the O rings too before I took the plunge and bought a punch and some discs. In the drainage and irrigation section of hardware stores you might be able to find pipe/tubes small enough for what you want to do. I think this is ABS instead of PVC. Also, there is black polypropylene tubing that could work.


Try a fabric store, like JoAnne's.

The notion counters offer platic rings, usually just white, in at least a couple of sizes. The smallest ones might be just what you want.

notebook spiral rings

I use this technique (using a regular hole punch and then cutting at 12 o'clock) on regular Notebook Spirals. If you want an hpda type (3X5) then you could purchase one of those cheap-o flip notebooks (portrait) and then use the paper in it or punch your own! Done it and it works great! :)

happy d*i*y-ing,
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See Judy's site

Judy of the Woods did this exact thing with recycled materials, see her page at:

Note that you'll need to anchor the rings down if you want a Rolla-experience. Part of the magic (?) of disc binding is that the rings do not slide around, and the sheets stay in place.

Now this is brilliant.

Now this is brilliant. I just love cheap DIY that doesn't look it. Found rubber grommets today at a hardware store but they are too grippy on the cards. Needs to be slicker. I'm buying some for-real Circa discs that are headed my way thanks to the kindness of a member of this forum but I'd still like to make some of my own and see how they work in comparison.

Uh oh!

I'm buying some for-real Circa discs

Uh oh!!! It's all over now!!! You will be assimilated!


DIY rings

I've always thought it would be not to bad to make your own on a lathe, especially if you only want 3 or 4.

Rollabind Discs

If you haven't already ordered them, I have hundreds I got with a Rollabind punch from Jon and I would be happy to send you what you need, just need you to email me size and colour preferences and where to send them to. I recently made my own "levenger" style PDA and I am working on the next one before Christmas.