Amazon Kindle

Amazon's new ebook reader called "kindle" came out today and it already has bad reviews from people who haven't tried it yet....

In my eyes the best complaints are:

Their ebook format seems to be proprietary and you need to have them convert your *.Docs for you at 10 cents a document.

On one hand I have an instinctive dislike of this and on the other hand it could be good for me if things were changed a little.

Do any of you think amazons ebook reader will stay around? Truth is, these types of things scare me for some reason that I can't fully explain. I get the same feeling from youtube......


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eBook = eBlech

I love the quote on their main page: 'Can something as evolved as a book be improved?'

When I read that, my Inner Critic piped up and said "No, actually, books are pretty well-done."

I love gadgets and technology, but I detest e-books.

As good a chance..


I think this one is going to do OK. It's a bit spendy, but since it has its own wireless capability it will be extremely useful for the habitual traveler.

You don't have to do the 10 cent thing, I don't think. That's a fee for emailing the doc to your kindle. But since it has a USB cable for downloading audio books from your PC, I would bet you could find a way to move DOC and other files at the same time as well, the way a palm does.

Personally, what I want in an ebook reader is to be able to get ebooks from any source, such as,,, project gutenberg, etc. Since they support .prc and .doc, I might be able to do that, not sure. Now, not having a PDF reader is uncool, but I imagine that will come eventually unless Adobe's lost all brains.

I read ebooks on my palm, and the biggest dislike I have is the 'secured' formats that require you to remember the credit card number you used 10 years ago when you bought the book. So first I vowed that I would never buy another secured eBook, and then I found where I can get about 90% of the books I want to read for free. So this gadget is really not intended for me.

But for the business person who's on the road all the time, flying, waiting in airports, spending evenings in hotels, etc. it would be awesome. Just one book-like item to carry with you rather than 10 paperbacks. No more stopping at the book shop paying airport prices for whatever they have stocked.

The greater the adoption by magazines and newspapers and (adobe) other print-format owners, the more attractive it will be. It won't be for everyone, but it will definitely have a niche.

Of course, you have to be a reader to even care, and you have to have deep pockets to buy it, but I could see the convenience and portability for sure.

Who used to buy paperbacks in double-handfuls every few weeks..