Going halfway

I am hoping to get the PDA case from Levenger (to hold my Zire 31), but I have read that you can fit the Circa PDA in the side where the notecards go, rings and all.

Does anyone know if this is truly the case? If it will all fit, I have to redo my Christmas wish list to include the Circa PDA and the punch!!

I haven't decided to go to paper completely, but my Zire leaves a little to be desired. I thought this would be a good interim solution.

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Me! Me!

I kept my Palm and CircaPDA this way for a few months, actually. You cut tabs in the back cover of the cPDA to slip under the edges of the card-holding part, and the cPDA stays firmly in place.

The only reason I stopped doing this was because I wasn't looking at either my Palm or my cPDA often enough. So I went back to using the cPDA the normal way, with my schedule on one side under a clear cover and my to-do list under the other clear cover. That way I can see what's going on without even opening the cPDA. But it really does work quite well in the Universal PDA case.

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