1000 Journals and 1001 Journals

I did a quick search and didn't find previous mention of it so am just wondering if any of you here have heard of 1000 Journals and 1001 Journals? If so, have you ever participated? I ran across the sites in the last few months and find it to be a really interesting project. I'm considering starting one.


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Yes I am VERY familiar with

Yes I am VERY familiar with those projects and love them. It's a great idea. I have the book that came out on the project and know a few of the journallers who are in it.

Unfortunately, I never got to get one in time. But I'd love to participate in one if you start the circle up and going.

I'll try and come back to this and post more after Thanksgiving.

Happy holidaze,


Innowen, I'd be happy to start one. I think we should do it through the 1001 Journals site as that's probably the best way to track the book's location.

Do you have a theme in mind? I'd like written entries as I find that more interesting than collages. I'm always curious about what others think....and I'm not good at collages anyway. :-) It will also keep the postage down too.

Do you have topic suggestions? Anyone?

- Jen


hmm, a theme...

well, there's a lot of good themes, including no themes. If we get this out to people around the first of the year we can do a resolutions theme or new years wishes... that'd be good. or we could do a DIYPlanner theme.

I have an acct on 1001 Journals. I believe ima innowen there. It's been a while since i logged in but maybe this will get me off my butt.

anyone else wanna try this and play? *looks at saraa!*


artbook coalition

My son decieded to start his own at ning.com. It's called artbook coalition.

Feel free to join or just observe.

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Very cool!

Cool site. I wish I could draw!

- Jen

Wow, I love the idea of a

Wow, I love the idea of a traveling journal. I even thought of starting one with my friends, since we're all scattered around the country/world after college.

But really, it seems it'd be pretty expensive to keep shipping the thing around (could one use media mail for such a thing?). And, I dunno...stuff like that tends to get lost--someone will forget they have it, or just plain stop writing/sending, etc. and it seems like it's so hard to make the writers actually be disciplined enough to keep doing it so I never want to expend the energy only to have other folks not do it. (I tried to do a traveling bead box with a bunch of people I knew of on a web forum once; we all had too many beads and figured everyone would add beads to the box and take what they wanted as it got to them. I started it and sent it out, and after about the second or third person, it got lost. Pretty soon people weren't replying to posts/emails and we never could even figure out who'd had it last. I also tried to do a traveling journal with my partner's mom back when he and I were long-distance still--she gave me a journal for Christmas and so I wrote it in it, sent it back home with him when he visited, she wrote in it, sent it with him...after about the third time she just stopped doing it)

Also, I know if I signed up for something like that, this journal would come my way with all sorts of fantastic art and thoughts and poems and stories, and I would feel like a loser because I wouldn't be able to put in anything nearly as good. :)

I would love to do this

This is great timing. I just started a themed "art" journal for myself.
I've had a blank book for years that is covered with leaves on the outside. After recently reading Gwen Diehn's "The Decorated Journal," I had the idea to illustrate snippets of my favorite bossa nova lyrics using the blank book.

For a DIY or planner-related theme, how about the struggle between spontaneity and discipline within the creative person? That's what brought me to this site and it is an ongoing daily thing for me.

Just an idea. Maybe it'll spark a better one in someone else.