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Hey all,

I am part of a group of friends that hold a Secret Santa exchange every year at the holidays.

This year, I've decided to create an inspirational journal for my recipient - I'll be using Circa/Rollabind rings to put it together.

I'll be adding some pasted in clip-art and so-forth, but I also want to include some inspirational quotes.

Since my handwriting isn't the greatest, I was wondering if anyone here knew where I could get some quick instruction on penmanship or writing techniques to make the quotes look good.

I will be writing them with a fountain pen (Parker Frontier, Washable Blue Ink).

I'm not looking to do major professional calligraphy or anything, just reasonably stylish and readable script.


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I would cheat.

Pick out a nice script font and print the saying on a sheet of paper, then cut it down and punch it.


It may come to that. I did find a fun-looking couple of books on Amazon, so I'll have a couple of options come next week.


Write Now

"Write Now" may be what your looking for. I get complements on my writing all the time and the italic handwriting script looks great with an edged pen. You could use a marker if you like.

I have stub nibbed FP's and regular tipped ones. This is the quickest/neatest script I know of for any writer.



I saw that on Amazon ... now with a recommendation, I'll pick it up.

Hey - can you get edged tips for Parker pens? I have a medium tip Frontier (and a Vector, but I heavily favor the Frontier).

If not, what sort of pen do you recommend for this? (Hopefully something under $50 if possible)



"Write Now" seems to be pretty popular. I have heard good things about their Italic calligrapy book too. I don't have a parker but searching for italic or stub nibs suggest that there are some for parkers.

Schaefer makes calligraphy pens that are under $20, hisnibs . com sells a Pilot 78g with a stub nib for under $30 dollars, and there are calligraphy markers available. The schaefer calligraphy pens need a more deliberate pace and the 78g (stub nib) can be used like a regular pen. It has to do with the way the nibs are ground.www. richardspens. com and Founatinpennetwork. com are great resources for learning more.

My local officemax carries the calligraphy pens and markers.I have the 78g in stub italic and have used the schaefer pens before. Both are cartridge pens.

http: // itintro.htm

Here is a site from a pro....

I hope this is helpful to you.


Very Helpful!

Thanks so much, Matthew.

I will order "Write Now" right now, and peruse the other sites you listed.

I appreciate you taking the time to share your knowledge.

I'll try to get pix of the finished product loaded to flickr so I can share the results with you.

Muchas gracias!