Paper Happy Dance

Took advantage of an awesome sale today at Office Depot: $10 off any office supply purchase of over $25.

I now have: 2 reams of Office Depot Platinum Series 28lb Color Laser Paper ($10/ream), 1 ream of Office Depot Platinum Series 24lb Color Inkjet Paper ($7/ream), and a 300 (give or take a few) sheet package of Hammermill Premium 32lb Laser Color paper I found marked down from $12 to $2.50 on account of torn package and (probably) some missing sheets. SCORE!

I have spent the afternoon templating, cutting and smurfing. And part of me wants to do another batch of 20 or sheets, just because ... it's oddly fun.

I think I have enough paper to last me the rest of the decade. :)

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Some day I will have a working printer again...

Congrats on the deals!

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