Question about little Levenger Circa punch

I've been eyeing the new Levenger card punch. I have two questions and wonder if anyone knows:

1) is it really new? because it looks like a portable punch without the ruler dohickey (just curious, probably doesn't matter);
2)is there is a guide or another way to line up a 3x5 so that it can be added neatly to an existing 3x5 notebook?

I'm considering buying the punch to carry with me - I have the desktop punch, but the portable punch was just too big so I never bought one.

Thanks in advance,

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Port Punch

I know someone on this site recently purchased one (cannot remember who...) and I do know s/he reported that there was not a guide for 3X5's but there was a guide for Business Cards. So, to me it sounds like it is the regular portable punch, just without the big guide. If you are punching on the 3" side so you have a reporter stype notebook, you can pretty much eyeball it, but if you are punching on the 5" side, I personally would not recommend it. Too hard to eyeball!

Hope this helps and hope the person who has it can tell you more!
nay nay

I have the Portable

When I saw the 'new' card punch, I pulled out my portable. Like naynay said, it's easy to punch the short side of a 3X5 card with the portable punch (sans guide). Not sure if there's more to it or not. Can't see in the photos.

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I think...

it is the portable punch without the ruler/guide. The pictures look identical.

Ryan !! Please clarify !!
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Looks like the difference... $10. :-D I think it's the same as the porta-punch. A perfect stocking stuffer!

Portable Punch

It is identical to the portable punch (less the guide.)


I'm convinced!

Thanks to everyone who answered.
Based on your comments, I'm going to have some faith in my centering (I punch 3x5s on the short side) and take the plunge - or should I say take the punch? (ouch!)


If all you ever do is 3X5s

If all you ever do is 3X5s on the short side, you'll be FINE without the guide.

Happy punching!

As someone else said, there

As someone else said, there is only a guide for the business cards. The punch is nearly 3 inches wide so the overhang when the card is centered is so minimal that it would be hard to screw it up. Basically when you hold the cards, you just put your fingers around the sides and line it up. (Not the best explanation, but when you have one in your hands it's easy enough to figure out.) It's easy to make precisely centered cuts each time.