Agh! Levenger Delivery

After my last debacle with Levenger shipping I decided that I'd cut my losses and say goodbye to them but I didn't. The lure of their shiny shiny goodies iwas too strong. I placed an order with Levenger two weeks ago for the cloth bookcovers (three sets - they look so lovely!) and lots of other goodies. The thought of holding them and stroking them and - yes - just gloating over them kept me going in hospital in the mean time. But today I have received a message to say that they have shipped. Two weeks after placing the order! My first order from Levenger got lost in the warehouse for 3 weeks until I queried non-delivery.Is it me? What's the experience of other Levenger users outside the US?

I don't mind paying high delivery charges but I do expect a correspondingly high quality of service. Heck, efficiency would do. My love affair with Levenger is nearly over.


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Levenger Delivery

I had a great experience. I ordered via the internet on Friday and received the order on Tuesday the following week. Fedex ground. I am in Pennsylvania. Excellent service.


That is excellent service! Maybe it's just the international delivery that's th4e problem. However, I order a lot of stuff over the internet and Levenger is the only firm that I've had problems with. For instance, I've ordered a custom made PDA case from Vaja in Argentina several times and it's only ever taken 3-4 weeks from order to make to deliver. I've ordered Rollabind and other stuff form and that only takes a week to 10 days.I love Levenger products, I really do, and their customer service is super, really friendly and helpful but their delivery system needs reconsidering. Two weeks to even be put in the post - without any notification of any problems - is very frustrating.

maybe it's a Kate thing?

Kate S
I ordered on the 12th November (from the UK) and still haven't had any confirmation of shipping (or even shipping costs which I normally get within a day of placing orders). I emailed a couple of days ago but haven't had a reply yet. Previously the delivery has ranged from a few days to more than a couple of weeks. This may be a record! I too couldn't resist the bookcloth, I too have said 'no more Levenger, I just seem to find it really easy to persuade myself that I need more even though I have far too many. This time I mean it though....

Me, too

but I'm still browsing the catalogue. However, I think I'll call it a day after this experience.

No problems per se but then ...

Like you I order stuff over the Internet all the time. Was one of the first customers even though, again like you, I'm in the UK. My one and only problem ordering through them was actually with one of their market place people who was a thief.

I've not bought anything from Levenger; have tried on several occasions but the international shipping costs have just been so ridiculous that I cancelled the order before hitting the pay button.

Shipping costs from I'll gladly pay and usually accept the lowest cost despite the projected delay, which has always proven to be very pessemistic --- not unknown for delivery to occur within a few days of the order being place. But Levenger's charges are punative. It would be cheaper to hop on a transatlantic flight with the sole purpose of making a personal visit to one of the shops than it would be to order from them. :-|

I haven't bothered since...

I discovered how much the postage to Australia would be for one small book.

It's a while ago, and I can't remember the exact figure I was quoted. (It's in an old post here somewhere). But I do remember that I could buy 3 Moleskine journals for the Postage price of one sample circa book. So it must have been around $US60 or more.

Postage is usually quite pricey to Australia but this was a new high price for me. So I've never bothered with Levenger or circa.