You inspire me

I'm not exactly sure if it's thanks I give to so many of you who inspire my re-organizing and hacks or if it should be blame :) for feeding my obsession for paper and supplies. But this wonderful community has brought much inspiration to me, particularly:

Journaling -- I've dabbled here and there with it, but never consistent. I purchased my first moleskin a few weeks ago to write about our family trip to the capitalist mecca of Disneyworld. I wanted something my children could look at way into the future to bring about memories of this trip. I probably will include those journaled vacation pages in their scrapbooks that I am creating.

Hacking -- Is it just me? I'm hacking everything to try to fit it into my circa-fied world. It began with a topic started by nay nay and btrgrnmal's use of 4x6 photo album from Target. I use 4 x6 index cards so that I don't have to cut paper. I purchased a 4x6 photo album from Target and circa punched it. It's cover is just stiff enough. I then tried to punch the inside "pages" that are to hold the photos. Those are very flimsy so I tried first taping the side to be punched. Better, but not perfect. The few photo pages that are somewhat useable are now in my new notebook holding holiday receipts, coupons, and little odds and ends I need to take around with me. Index cards have lists, calendar, and reference info.

Pens -- I am intrigued by the many fountain pen discussions here, but, alas, am to clumsy to dabble in the art of writing with a fountain pen (I'm famous at the office for getting pen ink all over my clothes). Now, instead of shoes and purses, I am combing the aisles for that perfect gel pen. My current favorite is the Zebra Sarasa (tried the Pilot G2 - still too scratchy for me) and my newest bookmared site is jetpens dot com.

Again, many, many thanks for the inspiration,

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You're welcome!

Also, we're sorry! :-)

At least you know you're not alone in the loony bin. (Says the person who made himself late to work this morning by pen-shopping.)

It's a sickness, but an enjoyable one.


The "worst" problem I have since joining this group is the increased time I spend browsing the office supplies. Now instead of simpling looking at what the product is supposed to do, I also have to think about what I could hack each item into.


Me too!

You should hear the groans I get from my kids every time we wander down the office supply! we were just here the other what do you *need*?

It's a community thing

...and it's amazing how we feed each other. Every time anyone posts an idea, it sparks ideas for variations in several others who add their ideas and, in turn, spark even more ideas. I think everyone benefits.

It's wonderful to have a whole pool of creative thinkers where no one thinks you're crazy for re-purposing something. I can't tell you how many times I've been SO CLOSE with an idea and couldn't get it exactly right, and then I read something here and the last piece just fell into place.

Pilot Varsity pens

Check out the Pilot Varsity pens. They are a couple bucks a piece disposable fountain pens available in a few different colors. I've seen them in packs of 3 colors (black, red, and purple if I remember right) at Staples and the full 7 color pack at a local Dick Blick art supply store. The ones I've seen in the store are medium nib and put out a lot of ink, too much for my liking actually. It tends to show thru printer paper unless you get the heavy stuff. I've heard you can get fine nib Pilot Varsity pens online.

Welcome to the addiction. I mean community :-) In case you haven't seen it yet, you may want to check out the Circa/Rolla flickr group for more great ideas for your Circa stuff.


Too many addictions, too

Too many addictions, too little time (money). This site fuels the need for pens, the need for different types of planner pages and binding options, the sorta general need for nice types of paper, and the disturbingly circular need to get better organized so that you can get better organized. Hopefully you don't have too many other time (money) consuming hobbies...

There is hope...

Oddly, I have achieved planner and fountain pen nirvana for the moment. I love my junior Circa and Circa PDA notebooks, and their DIYPlanner pages; and I have exactly the right fountain pens. I don't need to buy any more. (Still there is that Levenger bookcloth Circa cover... Maybe after Xmas.)

Welcome to the community!

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"Now, instead of shoes and

"Now, instead of shoes and purses, I am combing the aisles for that perfect gel pen."

You know I was thinking the same thing tonight when I was at the office supply store!

Hey, at least gel pens are

Hey, at least gel pens are cheaper. Sadly my wife has absolutely no interest in them... it's all shoes and purses for her.