Do you ever cringe when...

You think of how much money you spend creating your "perfect" planning system?

I am in the process of re-vamping my system yet again and just the thought of the $ I am spending makes my head spin a little.

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don't think about it

I think I'll have the agreement of most people on the site when I say I try not to think about that. Buying a couple little things here and there isn't too bad. Add it up all at once, and I'm sure I would be shocked and appalled. Especially since I've been through a couple different sizes of Franklin Covey planners and now Levenger and Rollabind.


PS - Stay away from fountain pens. That is certain doom for your wallet.

"PS - Stay away from fountain pens..."

Ah, fountain pens.... What a love-hate relationship we have had over the years. Being left handed, their use ebbs and wanes for me. The amount of money I had spent on pens in general over the years has thankfully been forgotten (as they saythe pain of childbirth is I suspect).

When my husband expressed an interest for a fountain pen a few months ago, rather than buying a new one, I encouraged him to look over the "inventory" I had at home. Luckily one struck his fancy.

Good homes!

I'm sure many of the members here would be happy to take your surplus off your hands when you're in one of your "hate" moods. Line starts behind me, folks. No pushing!

Think of it as a hobby.

If you think of it as something you get pleasure out of, it makes things seem a bit better. I mean, for two people to go to the movies these days is $20 in the US, and you only get two hours of enjoyment out of that. Whereas you get to play with planners for far longer than that! :)

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It's a hobby

Like many other here, just think of the Great Planner Quest as a hobby. My other hobby is jewelry making and that is far more expensive.

I cringe....

ALL THE TIME! I currently have $55.00 of lev. stuff in my shopping cart right now and I am debating whether to hit the continue button or not... I have spent so much already, but I just absolutely LOVE this stuff! It is an obsession. Besides purses, I don't spend alot on anything else, so that is how I justify it. My other hobby is scrapping and making cards - also expensive. But, now that I have the main supplies, this hobby could go on forever w/o spending a lot more. so, I guess what I am saying is what everyone else is - it's a hobby that we enjoy, so what the heck! :)
nay nay

Cheaper than...

I always figure it is cheaper than a psychiatrist. Having theperfect set-up, even the journey to it, keeps me sane! And happy! Small price to pay.

"To fly, we must have resistance."


Hi there, I went looking for 2008 calendar pages and didn't find them. Are they going to be posted soon or have I just missed them? thanks, love the site.


not right spot, but here is an answer...

try: or Ygor's dynamic templates... I don't believe they are going to update the orginal DIY templates for 2008 since ygor set up the dynamic templates. I could be wrong, but that is what I have heard so far...

Of course!

But I'm also a master at justification. :-) Laying out the $$$ for my Circa punch was rough, but when I figured how much I'd be saving on *not* buying annual refills, I felt better. A big part of the DIY appeal for me is being able to use quality stuff when I must (the punch and discs) but repurpose/recycle/be creative when I can, like using disc-bound pads of recycled copy paper for my scratch pads, or a playing-card holder for my 3x5 card bleachers.

All that saved money gets spent on pens and ink. D'oh!



I salve my financial conscience with the thought that I regularly cycle through all my planner crap again. I have a cardboard box in my office right now, filled to the top and higher, with a yellow index card taped to the side that says (my) Planner Crap. It has a couple of old binders, some file folders, some photo flipbooks, some wrong-size forms, check and index card boxes, and some DIY things I cobbled together myself.

I have been through Covey-esque 7-ring stuff many times through the years, index card system is on its 2nd iteration now, I tried a classic-size 3-ring, a classic tickler made of page-protectors.. My rolla/circa gear is still active, but not for planning per se.

I have quit buying index cards, though. I buy letter size cardstock. I find cutting down the bright-colored stuff much cheaper than the bright colored pre-printed cards, and if I change sizes I can easily adapt. I think the white is cheaper too. Haven't figured in ink cost, but I like my rules narrower than store-bought anyway. :)

I am sure DH thinks I've spent too much on this stuff, but it's relatively minor compared to what *he's* been buying lately--riding lawnmower, rototiller, stuff to finish the interior of the garage, cabinets for the garage.. My hobby is cheaper than his right now. :)


It's amusing, as one of the

It's amusing, as one of the reasons I originally got into paper from digital was that paper is cheaper than buying one of those horrendously expensive PDAs right? right? It's obvious, paper must be cheaper. Ahem.

Well, at least now the excuse will work when convincing my wife. "Honey, just look at how much those blackberrys are. I only spent $60 on my circa punch, not hundreds for a digital PDA.". Carefully avoiding the money spent on covers, hundreds of different sizes, new printer, paper, pens, covers etc.

Seriously though, right now I've been lucky to have not spent a huge amount. I'm addicted to 3x5s which are really cheap as long as you don't buy too many pocket briefcase type things, and even then, ebay can help a lot. I managed to get a personal card holder from the levenger outlet for $10, and it even had my intials monogrammed in it by chance. Also, I've been testing circa using the cheap 2007 planner offer. The problem is, I really like the circa system and I'm sure a punch is in my credit cards future. Oh well.

You won't regret the punch

Honestly, it's the best $60 I've spent on planning stuff. Again, I consider that my annual planner refill from Franklin Covey -- the smallest size page-a-day, in the most basic design -- cost me $25 annually, plus the archive binders (gotta have a place to store the months you're not using, etc.) The punch is like two years worth of refills, and I've been able to make several custom-sized books for myself that integrate with the whole system.

Whether you buy the $60 11-smurf version from Levenger or the $60 12-smurf version from Rollabind, you'll use it a lot. One thing that helped soften the blow was making my wife her own ultra-slim planner to her specifications as a peace offering.