Levenger Cloth Covers

They've arrived at last and are absolutely gorgeous so even with the shipping issues they are worth it. The colours are really rich and the fabric so tactile that I've been stroking the them since I got them. I wonder how well they will last under daily usage but I'll enjoy them nevertheless.

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thanks for the review kate - I currently have one of these in my shopping cart (still debating if I should buy it), so I am glad to hear they are as great as they look!

Thanks again,
nay nay

Cloth Covers

Hi, naynay,
They are actually better than they look in the catalogue. I bought a red and a blue and they look fabulous together. I'm at my desk just admiring them!


Looks like I might have to hit that Submit button at Levenger and buy one of these babies! Thanks for talking me into it! My credit card thanks you - LOL! :)

Some detail questions

I've avoided the leather covers because they're too soft and puffy for my taste. Are these new ones more like the covers of a hardcover book? And how is the elastic attached?

I agree with you about the leather covers.

The book cloth covers have the elastic attached to the rear cover from the inside so when the planner is closed you cannot see it from the outside of the rear cover. It sits very neatly both inside the rear cover and to keep the planner closed.The cover is very similar to a hardback book but is slightly padded. I'm a little concerned about daily wear and tear as I like things to look pristine but we'll see. Hope this helps.

Thanks Kate

It sounds like they did the elastic right. But the "slight padding" makes me think I'll have to see and feel one in person before taking the plunge. Fortunately, I live outside of Chicago, and there's a Levenger's retail shop downtown. Unfortunately, my work hasn't taken me downtown for a while.

Levenger in Chicago


Did you know there's a LUSH in the same building (Water Tower Place)? Or am I the only one obsessed with the paper stuff and high-priced, good-smelling body care stuff?