An Open Letter

(This was posted on my blog today, but I thought you guys might appreciate it!)

My dearest constant companion,

It's been great, but it isn't working for me anymore.

We've had such a long and torrid, on-again off-again relationship over the years, ever since my mother introduced me to you in that bookstore in Indiana. She had met you through work, and for me it was love at first sight.

I've always been a sucker for smooth sheets, well-defined lines, and a leather jacket. The fact that you'd already scoped out my situation and were prepared to accomodate my and my busy schedule with your Starter Package made it all the sweeter to be with you. You anticipated my every need, you fit into my life perfectly. I was sure I couldn't live without you. I bought you expensive and beautiful new jackets, and renewed my committment every year when our anniversary rolled around.

But somewhere, somehow, slowly over the years since we met, something changed. Maybe it was when I decided to be a stay-at-home mom, and my needs changed. You weren't so flexible then, were you? I tried, I really did! I wanted you in my life - but you didn't fit anymore. When I moved three years, we had stopped talking to one another. My new relationship with Palm Tungsten E was so much easier.

I gave away all your jackets, you know. And all the other things you left at my house. I had finally decided to let you go.

But you didn't leave. Any time I saw you out in public, in someone else's hands, I felt that old desire return, making me want to go running back to you.

No more.

I'm writing to tell you I have a new love in my life now - Levenger Circa. Far more flexible than you ever were, and is both willing and able to bend to my every whim and desire, Circa can be as big or as small as I want, thick or thin, and is infinitely variable. Circa is also not nearlt so picky about clothes! I can even make them if I want to! Circa doesn't make me shop at just one store for everything - we can be creative and inventive, and try new things!

So, thank you, Franklin Covey Planner, for everything. It's been swell, and I'll never forget you. You were my first long term relationship, and that's hard for a girl to forget. But now I've grown, and changed, and you just don't suit me the way I once thought you did.
You were fantanstic. Really.

But I'm not going to miss you.

With love,

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That just made me giggle! Great "dear john" letter! LOL
nay nay

Love it!

Thanks for the grins! Very creative. I couldn't wait to get to the end to see who was jilted!

"To fly, we must have resistance."

Ah ha ha ha ha ha!

Maybe my FC binder and yours can start a support group. When I got my Circa punch back in May, the FC stayed on the desk. "Maybe I can use it for scratch paper" says I. But my page-a-day calendar is Right There In Front Of Me, and that size is nice for punching into notepads.

Then the FC moved into a desk drawer so I could have room on the desk for the punch, and my stack of 3x5s, and my DIY GTD planner. "I need the space" says I, "but I know it will be there if I need it."

Now the end of the year is nigh. The FC is buried beneath a stash of cover stock, my scrapbooking corner-rounder paper punch, some Circa PDAs I made out of salvaged posterboard ("You're throwing this AWAY? Gimme!"), a lanyard that will become part of a mini-planner Someday, some empty fountain pen boxes, a bottle of ink... ummm... hmmm. If I ditch the planner cover, and sell off the archive binders... hmmm, says I. "I guess I didn't need it after all."


Awesome. Thanks for the laugh!

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This was wonderful! Thanks for the smile!

they could definitely start a support group

Mine is feeling very neglected as well. I'm giving it a bit more time, but then it may well end up on ebay, or even posted to Freecycle org soon.

Really, I was just gonna use this site to tweak the pages I use in my FC binder. And I purchased one of their punches as well. Then I saw about the circa / rolla stuff, and realized I could tweak EVERYTHING. I think I'm a tweak geek now.


"tweak geek"

I like that!

as long as it stays a noun

and doesn't become a game of

-kim the tweak geek

The verb would be ....


Who did that ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

The verbing of nouns

Over in another thread I quoted my ex-PhD supervisor as saying "in American every noun can be verbed".

Calvin & Hobbes

I've always been partial to how Calvin put it, "Verbing weirds language." ;-)



That is priceless. Maybe Levenger will get wind of it and hire you to write copy for them!


I'm glad you guys enjoyed that! I was a little worried an FC-devotee was going to blast me for that!

It was too much fun to write!