So I caved in...

While my student budget cringes at the thought of spending 13 dollars on a notebook, I walked into my university bookstore today and as customer appreciation day, they had everything 25% off, so I got a Moleskine. And now I am wondering what to use it for... So pretty, I don't want to do bad scribbles on it...

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Breaking it in

Some good advice I'd heard from people facing "blank book syndrome" is to use the back page right away, say for testing inks and pens (fountain pen user here), or put your name or a favorite quote on the first page, something to break the mental block with the "newness" factor.

How about making a habit of sitting somewhere pretty on campus with a pen, your notebook, and write whatever comes to mind? You'll probably look all Thoughtful and Serious, even if you're just complaining about campus life. :-)

I've had a pocket moleskine

I've had a pocket moleskine for ages wondering what to do with it. I got it cheap, but never had a use in mind. My first one was a computer technician/admin notebook explaining tasks I did and how I did them for reference, but this was just a blank slate. This thread has inspired me to actually use it for general notes. So...

I've done the same thing as Friend of Pens did with the ink test page, but with the first two pages. I want the back pages to be an index, so I decided to use the front. The second page is in case there is any bleed through, and is left blank aside from a title. I've even deliberately smudged the ink at the beginning to see how that works (I'm left handed, it's a big problem). That got the whole keeping the book pristine thing out of the way right from the start.

I'm going to use the book for general notes, so a couple of things I'm putting in are christmas gift ideas for different people, notes on tying lanyard knots (I've recently gotten into tying knife lanyards/keyrings using paracord), and anything else I need to note down. Hopefully that will actually get me to use the book rather than put it in a drawer scared to write anything down in it.

I've never really gotten into journalling, and can't see me putting my thoughts on paper in that way, so using it as a general notebook seems to be the best option for me. Otherwise, it would turn into a forced smalltalk monologue as someone else said in another thread.

Number the pages

I do the same kind of thing with moleskines - except I number each page with a page number (I'm used to having lab notebooks pre-numbered this way at work). Then, I use the last few pages as an index (number each line in the index corresponding to the pages in the book). As I fill out pages, I write a note in the index as to what's on the page. This 'breaks in' each page, plus, later on, it's incredibly useful for finding stuff in the notebook that you wrote days, months, years later.

Re: Number the pages...

Wow!!! Great idea...
Wish I had known to do that years ago...
I fight cursing fits anytime i attempt to look through any of my old journals...
I'm not quite sure how well this would work with a Rolla Notebook as the index would change from time to time...
But i suppose if you update the index then it would still work...
Thanks bunches for the great tip
*big grinz*

"The early bird may get the worm, but the late rising worm lives."

And how about handy info

Oh, and sometimes I put in a page with 'frequently called phone numbers' - although with cell phone address books etc, that's an anachronism.

contant info

First thing I do is put my name and contact info on the first page of any notebook I get. That may help with the new book syndrome.

Do you do any creative writing? Poems, books, anything? Not sure if I'd use it for taking notes in class. I remember in college I went through a lot of paper. Maybe start doing some journaling?


Oh, no, I would not even

Oh, no, I would not even consider using it for taking notes for class! I already use plenty of cheaper notebooks for that, way too many pages.

I was thinking of using it for taking notes of ideas that pop to my head and usually end up forgotten or lost in a sea of post it notes. Sketches. Notes for DIY projects. Stuff like that. The initial writing on it is baffling. I like the idea of breaking it in by writing my contact info. After this, writing more should not feel difficult.

Thanks for the ideas

when i got my first

when i got my first moleskine i didn't use it for ages. eventually i cracked and rewrote some poems in there.

then one day i got cranky, and just started venting.

i use a pocket moleskine for lists.

it fits in my school pencilcase.

Draw your own '08 planner

Weight Watchers Moleskine

I use a reporter style moleskine to log my daily Weight Watchers info. Each page is a new day. I write on front and back. I draw a 2-row box in the bottom (part of the mental daily preparation) with info such as: week #, weight, take my vitamin?, exercise, hrs of sleep, points used for the day. Plastic tabs mark off: Daily, Food Ideas, Thoughts. Back pocket fits my WW membership booklet, monthly pass, and some index cards for take-away notes.

I get to write in it every day and don't need to use the weekly WW log booklets. Months of log pages are all in one place for reference.

Pilot G-2 is my pen of choice for moleskines.

I almost love the small brown cahiers even more. Stick one in the side pocket of my purse, with a G-2 clipped to it, for grocery notes, jotting info and phone #s, etc. ... love how they get worn and curled.