Keeping the Circa PDA closed?

I have an older Circa PDA that often wiggles around and opens in my briefcase. I see that the bookcloth ones now have an elastic band around them. Anyone hacked and put something like that on the leather-bound ones? I know I can use a rubber band but would that be classy?..not.

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Cheap hack?

I've used girls black ponytail holders and head bands to keep my circa notebooks closed. Their a tad bit classier than a rubber band. I scored 30 black bands at the dollar store last week...and I've always got a hair tie in case I or my little girl need it...


No little girls so no wonder I didn't think of that! Thanks!sporter
"To fly, we must have resistance."

Designer ponytail holder!

I was in the coolest boutique yesterday and found the cutest handcrafted ponytail holders that work great and look so unique. Thanks again for the idea!

"To fly, we must have resistance."

never-ending attempts to blow my budget

Or, if you're as bad as I am and see all sorts of new goodies that are very tempting, you might look at the mini-book-sling

I guess that goes the wrong direction, but still - it's awfully cute!

here's one possiblity

Look up the mini book sling (made by pico pad) - I'd put the link but I got flagged for spam when I tried - it looks clever. Not in the ideal direction for your Circa PDA, but still...