Need ideas for Circa and planner...

So I have a junior-size Circa, in which I wish to mount my planner for next year (yeah, I thought of just printing pages from the templates but didn't find one I quite liked. Plus I don't have a punch, and the planner I have is of the same type I've used for this past year and I've liked it so why change a good thing. Plus, hell: I got it at the dollar store).

The planner is just a small stapled book with a plastic slip-cover-like covering. It's a bit smaller than the Circa at about...oh, almost 5.5" x 7" or so? I was thinking I might find a couple pieces of plastic as long as the planner, get someone to punch them, and then fasten the unpunched edges on either side of the planner spine and mount it that way (not sure if that was a clear enough description or not). But if anyone has any better ideas, or know how I might make it so this setup A. holds well, B. doesn't kill the planner too badly and C. doesn't look too awful (though this isn't a huge priority)...

I've thought of just opening up the planner, taking out the staple that fastens the pages together, separating the pages and punching them, but that might be too much work...


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Things to bind with


Levenger sells a 'reinforcing strip' to make weak papers take the punching better. You could maybe use a similar idea to make a punch strip, stuck to the outside front or back cover of your book..

Alternatively, you could make something to go into and through your book to join up to the circa discs, kind of like the thread that ties some books together.

Let's imagine an I-shaped piece of firm but thin plastic. Actually it might be more like an = with a small piece joining the parallel strips. The bottom strip would be 1/2" wide (min) and, say, 5 or 6 inches long. Same on the top strip. The piece between should be two inches wide, maybe, and only a quarter of an inch long, say, and it would be centered.

The bottom strip is what you punch.

Then, in your book, you make a cut, centered, as long as the center bit, and just wide enough for the thickness of the plastic.

You wiggle your plastic piece through the hole when you have the pages opened wide and flat (you might have to bend one 'arm' over the other temporarily to get it through) and put the punched strip into your circa jacket. The other strip should be inside the book, holding it in about the center of the booklet.

Dunno if that makes any sense, but I think it would work with minimal damage to the book itself. You just have to make your bottom and top strips long enough and close enough together to provide stability, and the connector wide enough for strength.

This is assuming that your booklet is double-size sheets, folded in half and stapled in the middle (spine). If the sheets are actually just the size of the pages, stapled on one edge, then you could alter the structure to something with two connecting pieces off-center and a split bottom strip.

Of course, it also assumes that an extra half inch of width would still fit into your circa cover. The circa punches require about .3" of thickness by themselves, the extra .2 keeps it all from falling apart.