Crazy Student Schedule!

Hey All,

I'm not new to, just more of a viewer!

I am attending a new college which seems to have crazy hours! I was looking at the calendar pages and not sure which one would be good to go with. I know I like enough room to write things down. I am going with the classic size.

The "crazy" hours are like 8:05-8:55, 9:55-10:45, 1:35-2:25, 2:30-3:20 etc... I was wondering if anyone can suggest what calendar pages would be a good solution?


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I think I would renumber the hours

I think in that situation, it might be good to have your calendar go in 'periods' instead of by time. At least on days you have classes -- you might want to leave weekends and major chunks of non-class time in regular hourly format.

Pick whatever structure of planner works best for you , and then edit the times to be 1st Period, 2nd Period, 3rd Period... At first you could then have a legend sheet with a table that listed the times corresponding to the periods. Probably after you've been on the new schedule for a while, you'll just automatically know when 3rd period is.


One with 5 min demarcations? ;-)

I'm actually thinking something along the line of a week at a glance, with days of the week across the top, and hours in columns down the side. Simply draw lines across when the classes begin, and write in the names.

In fact, maybe better, would be to grab the template from here, and take the template, and copy those pages, and open them in a program where you can write in your class schedule, and then, print out the entire semester's worth of dates, and add in the dates after you print. This way, you aren't repeatingly writing down the same, odd times. You could go crazy, and use colors, too.

If you need help getting the pages in a form you can use, just holler, I can do it, and know others here can also.


I'd Love That!

Hi Jon,

I would love your assistance if you have the time. I'm not terribly good with tables and such! I was also thinking I'd love a small "list" area or maybe just a seperate sheet all together would be better.



Alrighty, then...

...What size do you use/want? Also, do you have any particular DIYPlanner layout you are particularly interested in? If so, page numbers, etc. would be helpful, as well. :-) Oh, and what file format? pdf, jpeg, tiff, png?

If you want, you can click on my name, and contact me via my contact tab. It's my bedtime here, so won't see any reply of yours until tomorrow, so be patient. ;-)


Some ideas

Something else that might work is to not have divisions at all, just times down the left in 1 hour or 30 minute increments, and then just draw your own lines at approximately the right position. If you feel not having any divisions isn't good enough, then you could always have light gray divisions instead, that you can use just as a guide.

Another alternative that would only work if the weird times are regular is to have the 'weird' times wrote down the left instead of hourly increments. I guess this is like using periods as someone else suggested, but you can then block in other times if you require.

When I went to college, we had similar weird hours, but fortunately, there were 5 or 10 minute breaks, so it all fell on nice regular intervals. Also, the calendar only ever changed once per semester, so we were able to rely on a timetable that could have as fine grained times as required.

In my last job in a high school, they used weird times, but everything was referred to by period number. It's quite possible that your college will do the same. It might be worth speaking with your tutor or professors to see how they manage. They will have been there for much longer and hopefully one of them has come up with a workable system by now.

Good Idea

Yes, These weird hours are the regular for everyone so nothing should change once we have our finalized schedules.

... or don't even draw

... or don't even draw lines. I use a calendar that has only hourly divisions. When I have an appointment that begins at a particular time, I just write the minutes before the item. For instance, in the 2:00pm slot, I might have something like ":25 Dr. Grant" to remind me that my appointment is at 2:25. The courses I teach generally run at interesting times, like 11:30-1:18. In that case, I just block out two hours (starting in the 11:00 slot with ":30 Teach 367" and a line down to halfway into the 1:00 slot).

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