I'm going "Free Form"

Never one to be a conformist in most areas of my life, I have made the decision to forgo the planning/time management "systems" I have been using- or trying to use.

I have finally been able to find the binder I desire (although for more $ than I wanted to spend), and recently purchased a classic 7 hole punch from FC as well.

My new planner/journal incarnation will contain a combo of blank and lined pages with the only "structure" being a cool monthly tabbed calendar I ordered from Daytimer.

I am also kicking myself for having planner pages in a different size (compact) that go thru March that I really should be good and continue to use. Must--be--strong!

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less complicated is often better

It's amazing how much we tend to overcomplicate things! Really what more does a planner need besides a calendar, pages for notes, and a place to put addresses? Want a todo list? Draw a checkbox next to a line of notes describing what you need to do. Have a great idea? Just write it down! No need for a fancy form. That being said, I do like having my planner divided up into sections, but maybe I'm too much of a geek to go completely free-form.

One idea - if you are really 100% committed to switching over to the Classic size, could you punch your Compact pages and toss them in your new free-form Classic size planner you're building? How did you end up with pages through March anyway? One of those quarterly packs?


You are correct

You are correct, I had bought a quarterly pack last year.

I did think about just putting the pages in the classic size, I will give it a whirl!