any way to find local stores that sell Moleskines?

Lately I've been getting stuck on a previous idea I had - get a Moleskine weekly + notes calendar and then use a Circa notebook for every thing else. The problem is I can't seem to find a local store that carries these! I could order them online, but you're looking at $15.75 (at least at plus I'm assuming a few bucks for shipping. I'd like to buy some place local to avoid shipping and also make sure the Moleskine fits with my Circa notebook in the zipper binder I have.

Any ideas? Maybe there's some place that sells them online for a decent price and offers free shipping?


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Borders carries

Borders carries Moleskins.


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I've seen them at Barnes & Nobles

I've seen them at Barnes & Nobles


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Yellow pages


Your best bet, since you're looking for a very specific item, is to call around. Check the yellow pages for bookstores, call them up, and ask them if they carry item (whatever). If you have the official description, item number, or UPC that will help--they can look it up in the computer.

If you get kind of a clueless weenie on the phone, they're often kept with the journals rather than the calendars. :)

I have seen some Moleskines at Books a Million, but I haven't made a study of which models they carry there--I am pretty sure I saw blank and lined, but not so sure about the calendars.


The last time I went to

The last time I went to Borders, a few weeks ago, they had the calendars. I normally just see the lined, unlined, etc., but this may be the time of year they carry the calendars.

The calendars were with the other calendars, not at the front counter, I'm sure each Borders is different though.


I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
--Groucho Marx

C'mon. You REALLY want me to say "IT" ?

Rhymes with "Oogle is your bend"

The other two suggestions are good. Book shops usually have them. Surprisingly, neither Staples or Office Depot list them online. Anyone seen them in those stores ?
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Not at Staples

Our staples carries an extensive supply of Moleskine-like journals made by Markings.


This time of year I usually stock up on Moleskine's at Blick's Art Supply. They usually have a good selection, including the red cover daily notebook I managed to get. Planning on stopping by later this week to replenish my dwindling stock of Rhodia pads.

Only Reason to Return to Omaha

I did some work in Omaha, NE last year and I saw there was a Blick's there. I never did have time to go in - that was painful )c:

Maybe someday I'll go back. Or find one closer to me.


Same here

...but then I don't buy into the Moleskine "mystique." There's a number of "love them or hate them" topics on FPN, but the general consensus seems to be that the paper quality is uneven -- sometimes within the same book -- which makes fountain pen aficionados like me cranky.

The Markings books that btrgrnmal mentions are also at my local Staples here on the left coast. Their design is clearly Moleskine-inspired, complete with the little accordion pocket in the back. They are made in China (as are Moleskines now, IIRC) and are far less expensive. I did not look to see if they have a calendar version, though.

Since you're Circa'd, though, any reason not to DIY a weekly book yourself? If portability is an issue, don't carry all the weeks of the year with you at all times.

Just my opinions, as always!

Anyone seen old 2007's on clearance ?

I will, of course, be Google-ing for this, but I thought I'd ask here as well.
Last year, I bought a pocket-sized daily journal for about $5 and tried making an iPod case out of it -- the old hollow out the book trick. Sorta kinda mostly worked, but I'd like to try again.
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I have a 2006 Moleskine

Completely unused (!!!!). But it's the large size. If you want it, it's yours. It's the Daily. It could be useful as a 2008 diary too, since it's not by week.

Let me know.


definitely interested

I'm definitely interested in trying it out. Thanks for the offer. I'm also interested how you made it through a whole year with a calendar completely unused?

Anyway, you've got e-mail on its way.


Would you believe ...'s still in the plastic wrap?

I am a procrastinator extraordinaire.


Found some, still looking

pocket/hipster size $4 each
classic size $5 each

Shipping costs not too bad
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Moleskines are easy to find, Moleskine weekly + notes isn't

There are several places locally that carry Moleskine notebooks. If I wanted a journal, cahier, sketchbook, or reporter notebook, it would be a piece of cake. The problem I've noticed is that very few places carry the calendars in store, and the ones that do tend to just carry the pocket version, or just carry the regular weekly. This includes Borders, Barnes & Noble, Dick Blick art supplies, and I'm sure a couple others I'm forgetting.

It isn't expensive enough to qualify for free shipping at any place that offers that kind of thing, and I'm really not wanting to pay $5 shipping on a $15 calendar.

As to why I don't just print out and use a Circa calendar - the calendar is the one place I just can't seem to get results I'm happy with no matter how much I miss with it. One thing that bugs me - carrying the whole year at once is way too much paper in there, but if I take out a week, I'll have the notes side of one week without the calendar side. I don't know why, but that bugs me. There's also the portability factor: if all you need is a calendar and some place to jot notes, a Moleskine calendar with a couple index cards is all you need.

My friend google - can help me find deals online but I have yet to find very many stores that post their inventory for local stores online.


Well, now's the time

End-of-year is the ideal calendar buying time. I'm pretty sure I saw some at my local Borders, but not placed with the regular display of journals. You may just have to check out your local retailers in person.

I used one for a good

I used one for a good portion of 2006. Pocket-sized, week on the left, notes on the right, right?

It had to come from Books-a-Million or Barnes & Noble. Like you, I wouldn't order online. I know it was one of those two because there's nowhere else around here to shop.

Special Order?

If the local stores carry a selection of Moleskines, maybe they can order the one you want. Can't hurt to ask, right? I find the local private bookstore will try to get anything I need, as opposed to the chains which may not work so hard.


College Bookstores

In my college bookstore they carry a wide range of the moleskins. You might want to check a local college or so.