WTB: Levenger Circa Junior size zipper folio in Grapemist

Woohoo! The last couple days my wife has made it known to me that for Christmas she wants me to make her a planner, and she wants it as Junior size Circa notebook. I've got the covers, rings, and just about everything else I need.

The one major thing I'm missing is something to actually put it in. The DayRunner zipper binder I've got mine in works well, but I'd prefer to get her something cuter. The ideal thing I'd want would be a Grapemist Junior size zipper folio from Levenger. But I don't see those on their site anymore, and they aren't even on Levenger's ebay outlet.

Anyone have one they aren't using any more or any idea where to get one?

Depending on what she decides, I might be able to offer a compact size Franklin Covey planner with some blank pages and a cell phone pocket as a trade after Christmas :-)


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GO with the DayRunner for Christmas...

...and maintain the hunt for the Levenger Zip Folio for her birthday.

That way, you surprise her TWICE.
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How about a Celery Majorca briefcase to put it in?

Great idea...a new Levenger briefcase to put it in. I accidentally won it on eBay! (Long story!)

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accidentally won?

How do you accidentally win something on Ebay? Shop victoriously, they say...

I can't see my wife using a briefcase... She doesn't even like purses or laptop bags really. She has a laptop bag which is a backpack style one. Even her purse converts to a backpack. She just doesn't like carrying around much, unless it's on her back. I think she wouldn't even have the backpack purse if it weren't for the fact that a lot of her outfits don't have pockets. Who in their right mind makes pants with no pockets? That's just weird!?!


Accidentally--this way---

One night last week or so, bleary-eyed from studying for finals, I saw the celery Majorca briefcase of my dreams. I wanted the laptop version which was right above the regular briefcase. I bid on the wrong one and went to bed never realizing my mistake until I woke up the next morning the victorious winner of the wrong bag! Some emails passed back and forth about trying to get the right bag if I paid more money for it. The communication never connected to make any resolution so, being a first-born child and wanting it all to be happy, I just paid for the sucker and am now re-selling.

I've learned not to click and nod off at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"To fly, we must have resistance."

At least my accident wasn't expensive

I kind of accidently bought 135 black Lamy fountain pen cartages on eBay (from Levenger outlet too). I put a really low bid on them and expected someone to outbid me. No one did. I did get them for one third the usual price so it is a good thing. But 135 is a bit excessive.

Lisa PT

135 cartridges?!?!!

They sold 135 pen cartridges all in one lot? WOW! What was that, them getting rid of their entire leftover stock or something?! Any idea of what you will do with all of them?


What to do with 135 cartridges?

I think I need to start writing more. A lot more. I've also got a local friend with a Lamy so I can share (I don't want to ship them around because it would cost more to mail them they cost me).

I also think I simply must get another Lamy Pen.

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more Levenger thoughts...

My wife's birthday isn't until September - that would be a long wait for a cute planner. A couple other issues with the DayRunner idea - I don't know if they are still available on Ebay, and if they are I'm not sure the two of us having identical planners is the best of ideas. I'd get to work, go to look up an important phone number and be staring at cartoon drawings of penguins or something. Maybe I could hang little flowers off the zipper on hers or something? Or put a big Apple sticker on mine. :-)

I did notice that Levenger has quite a few items on their ebay outlet store in Celery. I thought about it, but I don't think my wife would enjoy light green as much as any purple, or even a nice pink.

I get the feeling I'll be hunting on ebay and local office supply stores for cute, classic size planners with removable rings for the next couple weeks.


I have a Day Runner

Buzz me thru the Contact Tab if you want to buy it.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

You might be in luck

Check Ebay....TODAY.

I actually saw this same item but I don't know the price.

Good luck!


Levenger eBay

Item number: 150188562861 - no zip though.

Kenny - I think you are absolutely adorable talking about cute purple or pink planners! How very nice of you to work this hard on finding something your wife would enjoy using!

Best of luck!
nay nay

I think it's sweet, too.

Too bad I can't get my spouse into planners too... :)

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another grapemist

Item number: 150188565439 - folio with zip around, but can someone verify if the circa notebooks fit in these folios??
nay nay

Junior size goes into the zip-around

I use a Zip Folio for my Junior Agenda and it zips just fine. I have 3/4" Circa rings.

"To fly, we must have resistance."

Item number: 150188565439 -

Item number: 150188565439 - folio with zip around, but can someone verify if the circa notebooks fit in these folios??
nay nay

This one looks like the inserts load from top, not side.

regular folio, ambifolio, and circa folios are all different

I actually asked Ryan about that one. Levenger has the regular folios and ambifolios which both are made for legal pads. Making it so a Circa notebook would fit would involve some hacking n' slashing. Something I'd rather not do. If I'm going to pay the money for Levenger stuff, I'm just going to get a Circa folio. Also, I'm about 99% sure that is letter size and I'm looking for Junior size. Thanks for the idea though.


Look on eBay for the store

Look on eBay for the store named "The Levenger Outlet" or similar, they have a lot of Circa folios and binder in the less-common colors like Grapemist and Celery. Some are already monogrammed, some are not, but all are at discount from the normal Levenger retail prices. If you search for Levenger Circa on eBay, you'll definitely find the Levenger Outlet. Hope this helps, -Glenn

already bookmarked :-)

I've actually had that bookmarked since about 5 minutes after I saw an announcement that Levenger had an outlet on ebay. Levenger's Official Ebay outlet.


Levenger Outlet Memphis?


If the Levenger Outlet store in Memphis has it, I might be able to give you a hand if they don't ship.

Levenger c/o Levenger Outlet
4694 Spottswood Avenue Memphis, Tennessee 38117 (901) 682-2466
Open: Monday - Saturday 10a.m. - 8p.m., Thursday 10a.m. - 9p.m. & Sunday 11a.m. - 6p.m.

I'm on the road today, but will be back in Memphis sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Contact info for me is public. My spam filter may keep me from reading a message while on the road. You can email me a blank message tonight and I'll unblock you.

You'll need to check stock with them, I'll jump in only if you need it.