Where are my manners?

I've been using this site for over 2 weeks, have built a Hipster PDA and submitted a template and this is my first trip to the forum.

I'm Raymond. I've used a planner in one form and to one extent or another for about six years. I never could get things the way I wanted them. Everything was centered around the degree of my conformity to someone else's preprinted system and materials. D*I*Y allows you to apply very well thought-out principles to a system you build for yourself. It is good for some people to have a hand in making the tools they use.

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Welcome, Raymond, and thanks for the template submission. (It's already been approved.) Great job with the Widget Kit, by the way!

Thanks, too, for the compliment about the D*I*Y Planner flexibility; we certainly try our best in this regard, although the design act is still very much a learning process. Each version takes it a little further, and we get to refine elements as we go along. Version 3 takes it much further than I had ever intended the project to go, but with this great community here, it's hard to stop. ;-)

BTW, I really should get in the habit of welcoming new members more often. It would certainly be the neighbourly thing to do, and I've been remiss with my hospitality. Sorry about that, folks. I'll try harder.

all my best,